Laundromats Can Be a Boon for Your Community

Your local community has everything you need: a little grocery store on the corner, some quaint family restaurants for dining, a nearby gym, etc. The only thing missing: a laundromat! While it’s true that a significant percentage of households in the U.S., about 80%, possess the means for washing laundry at home, there’s still a portion of homeowners without such capabilities. That being said, you can fill a crucial role for your community by introducing a local laundromat. And if you are considering a venture into the linen cleaning industry, why not have the best, most affordable equipment through Yamamoto North America?

Laundromats Provide an Essential Service

As we’ve said, about 80% of U.S. households possess a washer and dryer for their laundry needs. However, what about the other 20%? Clean, sanitized linen products are essential for maintaining one’s health and well-being. As such, laundromats provide an essential service for those without the money or space for laundry equipment. Even if a family’s washer and dryer are temporarily out of commission, laundromats help fill a household’s need for clean linen products.

A Great Employment Opportunity for Fresh Employees

A laundromat helps create jobs for your community, as does any new, local business. However, laundromats are unique, as they can provide the perfect jobs for people new to employment! From assisting customers with their laundry to cleaning machines and the facility, operating a laundromat is a straightforward position for anyone. As an entry-level position, laundromat attendants learn how to be responsible for customers, equipment, and facility operations as a whole.

Help Your Community Go Green!

Thanks to modern advancements in linen cleaning tech, today’s laundry equipment is more environmentally friendly than ever! This means laundromats have a significantly lower carbon footprint and can help others in your community lower theirs. By relying on energy-efficient, non-wasteful washers and dryers, laundromat customers do their part to protect the environment, helping cut down on energy and water usage in the home.

A Better Clean

While standard washers and dryers will “get the job done,” older machines can lose their cleaning effectiveness. Especially if machines are inherited from previous owners, a home washer and dryer might be less safe and clean than you might expect. Conversely, washers and dryers in a reputable laundromat are meticulously cleaned and maintained. For those using laundromat machines, this means cleaner clothes without fighting with old, malfunctioning equipment.

Economically Enrich Your Community

A community can economically benefit from the addition of a laundromat in a variety of ways. For example, on a personal level, those using a laundromat to clean their clothes don’t have to invest in washing equipment and save money on monthly utility costs. On a broader level, a new laundromat can attract additional business to your area or pull in new customers for nearby local businesses. When your community gets a new laundromat, everyone benefits financially!

Laundromats Can Be a Boon for Your Community

Find the Best Equipment for Your Laundromat with Yamamoto NA

The exceptional growth, opportunities, and convenience a laundromat can bring to any community is undeniable. If you are considering opening a laundromat yourself, you should start on the right foot. That’s why investing in Yamamoto NA washing equipment is your best option. Thanks to Yamamoto, laundry facilities across the U.S. and worldwide can achieve quicker, more effective linen cleaning with minimal environmental impact. Best of all, even with some of the industry’s most advanced features, Yamamoto machinery is some of the most affordable on the market! When building your new laundry facility, Yamamoto washers are the obvious choice.
If you or your company are interested in Yamamoto NA’s lines of commercial, industrial, and combo washer/dryer units, contact us today at 866-204-0519. Our North American office is located at 205 S. Lee St., Bloomington, IL 61701, serving clients across the United States.

Rise of the (Laundry) Machines: How Automation in Linen Cleaning is Evolving

Technology has come an impossibly long way in just a short time. Just over 100 years ago, we were producing our first consumer vehicles; now, in 2024, vehicles can drive themselves! As for laundry machines and the linen cleaning industry, technology has developed in much of the same fashion, focusing on automation. The possibilities for new linen-cleaning machinery are endless with the development of robotics and the recent leaps and bounds made in AI programming. At Yamamoto, we strive to be at the forefront of innovation in washer tech. While our machines already assist operators with the essential functions of laundry washing, there’s more in store for the future of Yamamoto equipment.

Robotics in Laundry Operations

Great news: modern washing machines already offer many features and programs that allow operators to automate much of the process. As such, most industrial laundry facilities are already embracing the benefits of automation in their equipment. The next step is to find help loading and handling linen, much more than human hands can manage. This is where the introduction of robotics can “bridge the gap.”

The same as you might see robotic arms helping on an automotive assembly line, laundry operators hope to implement similar tech. However, as linen products are malleable and not solid, it has been difficult to program robots to grab, fold, and transport textiles effectively. Sewts from Munich, a German tech start-up, has been working on a solution to this issue in robotics. Using IDS cameras and AI programming, Sewts’ robotic technology can analyze linen textures and patterns, tell each apart, and implement proper handling based on the linen product.

In practice, robots are being used for simple labor tasks that otherwise take laundry operators’ time that can be spent elsewhere. For example, some industrial laundry facilities have begun using robots to feed linen products into a folding machine. A robot can grab a towel from a trolley, recognize where its corners are, and place it correctly onto a conveyor belt leading to the folding machine. Although it doesn’t seem like much, this one task has the potential to assist facilities with significant labor shortages.

Artificial Intelligence in Laundry Operations

While robotics fills the need for physical labor, artificial intelligence accomplishes tasks that require thinking. We’ve already mentioned how AI helps refine robotics by making the analysis and identification of linen products easier. AI can do more for laundry operators, helping to refine linen processing and making laundry facilities more efficient.

With the introduction of AI technology, laundry machines can become “smarter” and make decisions of their own volition. Say, for example, a machine uses more water than is necessary for the size of the load. Through AI technology, a washer can determine this discrepancy and take action, adjusting water levels automatically. As a result, your facility wastes less water, helping keep utility costs more manageable. And this is just one example of what AI can analyze as part of your linen cleaning process.

Ultimately, the idea behind AI isn’t to eliminate labor but to shift the roles of your laundry operators. Rather than mindlessly monitoring equipment to make manual adjustments, washers can monitor their selves. This allows your team to take on different laundry tasks that require more skill or move into positions better suited to their talents. In the future, laundry operators may also be able to control machines remotely, with washers providing detailed reports outlining productivity and areas that need improvement.

Rise of the (Laundry) Machines: How Automation in Linen Cleaning is Evolving

The Future is Soon

The laundry industry is still a few years away from complete automation. While AI has significantly improved, there are still concerns with its algorithms that prevent full integration into washing systems. Even robotic equipment, which can now grab and organize linen, is still not fully implemented worldwide for laundry facilities. As such, perfecting robotics and artificial intelligence for laundry operations will take time. However, Yamamoto is hard at work, researching technology and developing machinery that pushes the envelope. In the not-too-distant future, our laundry machines will run themselves!

In the meantime, Yamamoto washers are the perfect solution for your in-house laundry operations. Our equipment is green-centric, highly efficient, and affordable for any business or industry. If you’d like to learn more about the power of Yamamoto washers, call us today at 309-827-430. Yamamoto equipment can be found worldwide, with Yamamoto NA serving clients across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Elder Care Facilities Aren’t Complete Without Yamamoto Washers

As a manager of a nursing home or eldercare facility, you know keeping your building clean and free of contaminants is a constant battle. Whether contending with sick patients/residents or cleaning up after accidents that tend to happen in assisted living, there are any number of concerns that can impact the cleanliness of your facility. For such reasons, Yamamoto North America strives to do its part for nursing home facility managers, providing top-of-the-line laundry equipment designed to keep up with the demands of elder care.

Common Challenges in Care Facility Laundry Rooms

Yamamoto has seen countless problems that create cleanliness issues and contamination in elder care. Ensuring optimal hygiene standards are met while keeping up with the demand for clean linen is always an uphill battle for facility managers. As such, Yamamoto strives to create equipment that alleviates some of the challenges elder care centers face. Some of those challenges include:

Attending to a Variety of Unique Linen Products

Elder care facilities must manage a broad spectrum of linen products, each with unique care needs. This includes standard bedding and towels but extends to items like specialty mattresses, personal clothing, and various incontinence products. Also, elder care facilities often accommodate residents with allergies or sensitive skin, necessitating hypoallergenic detergents and fabric softeners. Catering to these diverse linen requirements underscores the complexity of the laundry operation and highlights the meticulous attention to detail needed to provide a comfortable and safe environment for older adults.

Hygiene and Infection Control

Infection control is a critical aspect of laundry in any healthcare setting, and elder care is no exception. The laundry must adhere to stringent standards to prevent the spread of infections, especially in facilities where residents may have compromised immune systems. Contaminated linens, towels, and clothing can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, which is why proper handling, washing, and drying techniques are crucial. Moreover, laundry equipment used in these facilities must also be regularly maintained and cleaned to prevent the spread of germs and maintain a hygienic environment.

The Urge to Optimize Resources

With a growing elderly population, the need for elder care is increasing, amplifying the demand for laundry services. Optimizing resources, including energy, water, and labor, thus becomes an enormous challenge, especially when balancing it against needing a quick and efficient turnaround. Furthermore, the wear and tear on laundry machines due to continuous usage can lead to frequent breakdowns, disrupting the crucial flow of clean laundry. The resulting equipment downtime is detrimental to the care of residents and your facility’s bottom line.

How Do Yamamoto Machines Help?

As troublesome as these issues can be for elder care facility managers, they can be easily overcome with the right laundry equipment. Thankfully, Yamamoto equipment features everything your team needs to meet and exceed the laundry needs of your residents. You can guarantee immaculate linen produced quickly with dual soft-mount suspension, steam injection, and more. As such, some of our laundry machines’ best features include:

A large industrial washer used for elder care facilities across the United States
  • Precise Controls
    • While unique linen products require different washing techniques and chemicals to be applied, our washers are easily adaptable. With programmable controls and many pre-programmed cycles that might already match what you need, you can set our washers to the perfect settings for a variety of linen products. From heavily soiled bedsheets to the delicate material in your residents’ clothing, there’s nothing Yamamoto machines can’t wash.
  • Perfectly Clean Linen
    • Because our washers are used across various industries, they are designed to adhere to the strictest cleaning standards. Eldercare facilities are no different! For example, our machines utilize standard steam injection for precise temperature control, helping eliminate germs and contaminants in linen products. Additionally, our non-toxic detergent options work exceptionally well with our equipment, completely sanitizing every load.
  • Less Waste
    • To help your facility cut down on waste, save on utility bills, and ultimately keep up with the linen cleaning demands of your residents, we incorporate strong suspension systems and green-centric technology. Oversized bearings and our dual soft-mount suspension help prevent wear and tear from consistent use and high-speed extractions for large load sizes. In turn, high-speed extractions and additional environmentally friendly features help cut down on water and energy usage, thus saving your facility on utility costs in the long term.

Do Something More for Your Elder Care Facility!

Why should you continually struggle to keep up with the volume and cleaning difficulty of linen products for your care facility when there’s a better way? Investing in Yamamoto equipment will help resolve many of your facility’s problems and won’t require you to break the bank for high-quality machinery! To learn more about Yamamoto North America’s commercial and industrial washers, contact us at 866-204-0519. Yamamoto NA’s main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.

2024 Will be the Year of Performance in the Laundry Industry

2023 was another productive and successful year for laundry operators and linen cleaning services. While the outset of the year looked grim, with the state of the economy still recovering from a “COVID-induced” hangover and inflation on the rise, laundry operators rated their performance in 2023 as above average, per a survey conducted by American Laundry News.

Chart Provided by the American Laundry News Website

However, even with an overall positive year, laundry operators face the same challenges of 2023 that will likely continue into 2024 and beyond. One such challenge is ensuring that the productivity of laundry operations continues to grow. Again, per the survey conducted by American Laundry News, over half of respondents ranked “increase productivity” as their number one priority for 2024.

Graph Provided by the American Laundry News Website

The remainder of American Laundry News’s article on their survey is an informative read (we highly recommend reading for yourself). It further breaks down the expected goals of laundry operators in 2023 and what they were and weren’t able to accomplish. However, the biggest takeaway from the article was some of the problems laundry operators had throughout the year. Chief among those concerns was machine operation, hiring new employees, and increasing facility volume and output, again tying everything back to productivity.

So, for 2024, it seems the direction of most businesses and facilities across the laundry industry is to continue focusing on increased productivity. And with help from Yamamoto, reaching your ideal productivity targets is possible!

Increased Volume Improves Productivity

For most commercial linen cleaning operations, processing multiple large loads simultaneously ensures you get through work faster and increases your volume and output of clean linen. However, volume and output are limited by the equipment you use. Less reliable commercial washers might be rated for larger loads, but they can struggle to keep up and wear down faster than other, higher-quality equipment.

Conversely, Yamamoto washers can manage large loads and still enable high-speed extractions. Our combination of oversized bearings and dual soft-mount suspension system helps our machines run harder and last longer. In turn, you can continuously process large loads quickly and have to worry little about downtime due to washer maintenance or repairs.

Easy to Understand and Operate

As hiring has remained difficult for laundry operators across America, finding machines that are easy to understand and operate has become a goal of most laundry facilities. Unfortunately, every time an employee leaves, it requires a business to look for a replacement or determine whether that position is necessary. And if it is necessary, it takes time to find, vet and train individuals for the job. By investing in Yamamoto equipment, laundry facilities make the employee training part more straightforward.

Yamamoto washers have intuitive, easy-to-navigate digital controls that any operator, new or experienced, can quickly grasp. Not to mention, much of the machine operation of a Yamamoto washer can be automated through precise digital controls and program features. With Yamamoto equipment, laundry facilities can keep productivity levels high but don’t require the same number of employees to operate machines.

Automation is Key

Speaking of automation, there are ways to streamline your linen cleaning process without relying on additional labor. As mentioned, Yamamoto washers have advanced digital features that allow operators to create custom wash cycles tailored to your linen cleaning needs. Not only does this make machine operation simple, but it cuts back the need for more operators. Additionally, it’s not only Yamamoto’s washers changing the automation game.

2024 Will be the Year of Performance in the Laundry Industry

Last year, Yamamoto released our new Towel Folder for purchase. This incredible machinery further allows laundry operators to streamline linen cleaning, managing otherwise time-consuming folding. As an example of the FUT10BT Towel Folder’s capabilities, it can complete folding for up to 650 individual linen pieces in an hour. Compared to the 120 pieces per hour averaged by human folders, the power of our automatic towel folders comes to light!

Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

Whether you’re interested in increasing your laundry facility’s productivity or just looking for affordable, quality and long-lasting equipment to replace your old machines, Yamamoto North America has you covered! Reach out to Yamamoto NA today and prepare for the year ahead with our incredible industrial laundry equipment. Learn more by calling 866-204-0519.

Wet is the New Dry: Wet Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning

Some linen products simply can’t handle excessive water and machine washing without risk of damage. Items like suits, many dresses, and clothes made of silk, cashmere, suede, polyester, etc., don’t take well to standard cleaning methods. As such, these unique garments and materials require specialized care to ensure their cleanliness. Methods like dry cleaning are often the most effective, as the process doesn’t use water (hence the name). However, recent technology now provides an alternative for washing delicate linen products, which involves water! Known as “wet cleaning,” laundromats and dry cleaners have begun to rely on this sustainable, effective cleaning technique. And for the best wet cleaning technology available, count on Yamamoto and our Harmony Cleaning System.

Not Harmful to the Environment

Wet cleaning shines in its environmental impact, or lack thereof, as it is an exceptionally eco-friendly option in fabric care. It employs the use of water along with biodegradable detergents, ensuring that no harmful residues are released into our ecosystems. Unlike traditional dry cleaning methods, which rely on potent chemicals that can infiltrate our waterways and soil, wet cleaning leaves only a minimal environmental footprint. Moreover, it contributes to protecting biodiversity by preventing the leaching of toxic substances into habitats.

Wet is the New Dry: Wet Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning

Easy On Your Clothes

Wet cleaning’s gentleness on clothes is another aspect that differentiates it from traditional cleaning methods. Many of us have experienced the disappointment of finding a favorite piece of clothing damaged, faded, or prematurely aged due to harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning. Wet cleaning, however, uses water and mild, biodegradable detergents, which are much kinder to fabrics. This gentle process respects the integrity of the cloth, ensuring it retains its shape, color, and texture, thereby extending the life of your garments.

No Color Fading or Ruined Textures

Speaking of preserving the color and texture of fabrics, wet cleaning has the advantage of protecting the condition of your garments. When it comes to color retention, the gentle, water-based wet cleaning process significantly reduces the risk of color fading or bleeding, which is often a common issue with dry cleaning. This means vibrant hues and delicate pastels maintain their original brilliance, even after numerous cleanings. In terms of texture, wet cleaning is a game-changer. Using mild, biodegradable detergents and controlled water temperatures ensures that fabrics retain their softness and flexibility. Wet cleaning delicately lifts stains and dirt without the harsh agitation or high heat that can lead to fabric distortion or damage.

No Unpleasant Chemical Odors

Another noticeable advantage of wet cleaning is the absence of chemical odor on clothes. Unlike dry cleaning, which often leaves a strong, unsettling smell due to perchloroethylene (a common dry cleaning solvent), wet cleaning only uses water and detergents. This ensures that your clothes come out of the wash smelling fresh and clean rather than reeking of harsh chemicals. So, when you opt for wet cleaning, not only are your clothes treated with the utmost care, but they also return to you with a pleasant, natural scent, enhancing your overall wearing experience.

Save Money for Laundry Operators and Consumers

Wet cleaning can also help laundry operators save money! Unlike traditional dry cleaning, which employs expensive, non-reusable chemicals, wet cleaning only uses water and basic soaps/detergents, reducing the overall operating costs. The economic benefits of this method don’t stop at the service provider’s level – they also extend to consumers. Customers often find that wet cleaning services are more affordable than their dry cleaning counterparts. Overall, wet cleaning is a financially sensible linen cleaning option for both businesses and consumers.

Take Advantage of the Harmony Cleaning System

To revolutionize how dry cleaners manage their linen cleaning, Yamamoto NA has led the charge in developing practical, durable, and environmentally friendly laundry equipment. To this end, Yamamoto created the Harmony Cleaning System! Our specialized wet cleaning machines help streamline and maximize the efficiency of garment cleaning for dry cleaners. Thanks to the Harmony Cleaning System, laundry operators can take advantage of features like:

Wet is the New Dry: Wet Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning
  • Flexible, automated wash cycles and programs
  • Simple operation for users of all experience levels
  • Eco-friendly green technology and detergents
  • Exceptional sanitization and cleaning quality
  • Gas or steam-heated
  • Easy-to-clean drains, valves and filters
  • Energy-efficient
  • No hazardous waste
  • Little to no maintenance is required for machine upkeep

Discover the Power of Wet Cleaning!

If your dry cleaning business doesn’t yet utilize wet cleaning as an alternative garment cleaning option, it’s time to invest in the future! Thankfully, with Yamamoto North America, an investment in wet cleaning is well within your facility’s grasp. See everything we have to offer with our Harmony Cleaning System by calling today! Contact Yamamoto NA at 866-204-0519. Our main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.

2023 Laundry Technology Trends: How is Yamamoto Keeping Up?

As the end of 2023 is fast approaching, it’s important to reflect on the popular trends that took center stage for the laundry industry over the past several months. Most industry experts agree that linen cleaning advancements have been about sustainability, automation, and operation this last year. Having direct insight into the ongoing trends as part of our industry, Yamamoto has made great efforts to stay ahead of what’s popular! As such, Yamamoto’s washer designs look to meet and exceed the current demands of laundry operators worldwide.


Not only does a focus on sustainability in linen cleaning help protect the environment, but it also helps laundry operators save on their bottom line. As utility costs continue to rise, companies require laundry equipment that doesn’t waste electricity and water. Also, industries like manufacturing and healthcare are taking active steps to reduce their carbon footprint. High-efficiency washers are a crucial aspect of this process.
In previous blogs, Yamamoto discussed our efforts to create more environmentally friendly machinery. Yamamoto follows the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), 17 integrated goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015. Between our production methods and the parts/materials we use, we strive to design equipment that promotes good health and well-being, promises clean water and sanitization, and enables responsible consumption and production.

In alignment with the SDGs, Yamamoto produces our high-speed washer-extractors using materials, chemicals and equipment not harmful to the environment (such as toxic-free paint and natural detergents). Furthermore, our washers can be precisely controlled to ensure maximum efficiency with minimal water and electric usage. Best of all, we provide replacement parts for machines a decade or more old, promising support for your machinery to reduce product waste.


A combination of labor shortages and increased demand for laundry services have led many laundry facility managers to push for greater automation in linen cleaning. As such, laundry equipment manufacturers have begun to answer the call! New machinery is being produced that streamlines aspects of linen cleaning, reducing the need for additional manual labor. Even Yamamoto has gotten into the automation game with our new towel folders.

The FUT10BT is Yamamoto’s latest equipment offering: a multi-use folder that automatically classifies, folds, and stacks various towel sizes. Using the FUT10BT, operators can load the linen they wish to fold, apply settings for the type of fold desired, and let the machine get to work. Per American Laundry News, the average person can fold, sort, and stack different-sized towels at a rate of 120 pieces per hour. With Yamamoto’s towel folder, that rate is increased to 650!


Whether for laundromats, apartments or student housing, facility managers require laundry equipment that anyone can operate. Furthermore, these same laundry operators require equipment with additional payment and self-service options. More and more, laundry equipment manufacturers are equipping their machinery with coin/card-operated features, enabling machine owners to control usage while making extra money. Now, advancements in tech are making self-service washers easier to use than ever before.

Admittedly, coin-operated laundry equipment has never been Yamamoto’s primary focus. However, with self-service equipment in such high demand, we felt it was time to produce coin/card-operated machinery of our own! While not yet available to consumers, Yamamoto soon plans to reveal a line of exceptional washer extractors fit with your choice of payment solution. You can either go “old-school,” allowing operators to run their machines with a few quarters, or enable payments via cards or other digital means.

Additionally, Yamamoto’s current washer models all feature advanced digital technology, able to streamline parts of the linen cleaning process. Our equipment is easy to operate and comes with hundreds of automated cleaning programs, perfect for optimizing your facility’s cleanliness. For years, Yamamoto has stayed ahead of the market, being one of the first manufacturers to give laundry operators complete control of their washers.

2023 Laundry Technology Trends: How is Yamamoto Keeping Up?

Pushing Innovation Forward with Yamamoto

In addition to sustainability, automation and operation, Yamamoto continues to make strides in other aspects of washer tech. For example, our machines include features that maximize their cleaning potential, continually meeting the high cleaning standards set by industries like hospitality or healthcare.

As technology evolves, we also look to incorporate new cleaning features into our laundry equipment. UV-C light technology is one such emerging tech that is beginning to see usage in laundry operations, providing an additional layer of sanitization for dirty linen. While Yamamoto hasn’t yet included UV sanitization as one of our washer features, nothing is off the table when developing our new washer designs.

If you wish to stay ahead of laundry technology trends with equipment that exceeds expectations, investing in Yamamoto washers is worth your while. Learn more about our industrial washing machines and commercial laundry equipment by calling <866-204-0519. Our main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.

How Can Yamamoto Washers Help Your Business Save Money?

Unfortunately, even the laundry and linen industry can’t escape the impacts of inflation! Not to mention, with costs for laundry operators on the rise, as Yamamoto NA has previously discussed, managing money and budgets for your commercial facility has become significantly more complicated. Thankfully, Yamamoto NA is here to help. At Yamamoto, we intimately understand the problems you face when managing in-house laundry operations. Not only do our machines provide convenience and longevity, but they’re also great for businesses looking to make linen cleaning more affordable. That’s the power of a Yamamoto washer!

Save On Utility Costs

As part of Yamamoto’s commitment to sustainable development, we design our equipment to maximize its potential while consuming minimal water and energy. Not only do the water and electricity savings afforded by Yamamoto machines positively impact the environment, but they also affect your wallet! Because utility costs have grown as of late, having equipment that minimizes utility usage proves incredibly beneficial for your business’s bottom line.

Save On Equipment Care Costs

With daily use and for constantly running machines, maintenance might be required for your equipment now and again. However, the older your machine gets, the more likely it will break down. And when your machines continually break or malfunction, it doesn’t just cost money to repair; equipment downtime can cost you productivity.
Needless to say, laundry operators don’t want to be footing the bill for equipment repair all the time. That’s why many operators rely on Yamamoto machinery. Nearly 95% of the manufacturing required to develop Yamamoto equipment is handled in-house from raw materials. This allows us to source the highest quality components, promising your equipment will outperform and outlast the latest washers from our competitors. Best of all, no matter how old, if your Yamamoto machine requires repair for any reason, we will always carry the replacement parts for affordable prices.

Save On Labor Costs

There are more and more the latest industrial washing machines can do. New equipment from Yamamoto can practically run itself! For this reason, business owners and facility managers have begun investing in Yamamoto equipment to resolve labor costs (or shortages).

In truth, businesses have problems finding labor to operate equipment or can’t afford the required labor. Yamamoto’s washers resolve both concerns. With hundreds of automatic washer cycles and programs, all included as part of our washers’ digital controls, you don’t need multiple “overqualified” operators to manage your equipment. As a result, Yamamoto washers can help you save tons on labor.

Save On Equipment Upgrades

As mentioned, older equipment can cost your company more to maintain. Investing in new equipment might be your more affordable option between excess utility usage and continual breakdowns. However, finding new equipment that meets your facility’s linen cleaning needs while not breaking the bank can sometimes prove challenging. That’s why Yamamoto offers the most affordable equipment in the industry!

We understand how troublesome upgrading from old equipment can be for a business’s bottom line. So, to help laundry operators, we price our industrial machinery lower than our competitors offer. And with this lower price, you still receive a washer with premium features, high-quality components, and the best cleaning capabilities.

Save On Outsourced Laundry Operations

You might want to reconsider if you think you’re already doing your part to save on laundry operation costs by outsourcing your linen cleaning. While having another laundry facility manage your linen can be convenient and save you money in the short term, it cannot match the savings of in-house linen cleaning. The extra money you pay upfront for acquiring industrial equipment is well worth the cost, as you’ll no longer have to rely on outside parties for clean towels, clothes and more. And while costs for linen cleaning services can sometimes be unpredictable, you always know what you’re paying for with on-site equipment.

How Can Yamamoto Washers Help Your Business Save Money?

Talk to Yamamoto NA

Although costs for linen cleaning and business operations are continually rising, an investment in Yamamoto washers might be what your facility needs to manage laundry cleaning more affordably. To see the incredible power, durability, and cleaning capabilities of Yamamoto’s industrial extractors, call the Yamamoto NA team today! Contact us at 866-204-0519 to begin saving more with Yamamoto!

How You Can Prepare to Bring Laundry Operations In-House

If your business manages large amounts of laundry, you likely outsource dirty linen cleaning to an external partner. And while outsourcing your laundry operation gets the job done, there are some disadvantages to using third parties for linen cleaning.

First, the cost of using these industrial laundry facilities will surely add up. Not to mention, cleaning your linen outside your facility removes any quality control you may have had. And for environmentally conscious businesses, you can’t guarantee the companies managing your linen care about their environmental impact.

For these reasons (and more), bringing laundry operations in-house is the best choice you can make for your business. To prepare your facility for the addition of new industrial washers, here are a few helpful tips from Yamamoto NA!

Make Room for Your New Washers

For the significant task of managing your facility’s dirty linen, you will need a large industrial washer (or a few). However, that also means you’ll need the space to house your new washers. To ensure peak efficiency for your laundry machines, you’ll require an open space large enough for several washers and easy access to water and electric hookups.

Additionally, your space needs depend on how much linen you clean. For example, a small restaurant might only require one washer tucked away in a private corner of your kitchen. Otherwise, hotels or hospitals, which clean multiple loads of linen daily, will need a designated room with space for multiple machines and operators.

If needing to design a new space for your washers, make sure you plan the layout of your laundry area accordingly, with attention to operator safety and OSHA guidelines.

Find the Right Equipment

When selecting industrial washers for your facility, you want machines with high-capacity limits, improved efficiency, and excellent cleaning capability. Unfortunately, not every machine you’ll find fits this bill, and the few that can are often relatively expensive! And if you overspend for your equipment, you defeat one of the primary purposes for bringing your laundry operations in-house: cost savings!

Thankfully, if you know where to look, you can find machines that can achieve everything you need and won’t break the bank. Yamamoto NA produces high-quality equipment that boasts longevity, efficiency, and highly effective cleaning for an affordable price. If you want to get the most “bang for your buck,” Yamamoto’s industrial washing machines are the way to go.

Be Wary of Financing

Speaking of the price of your units, it’s important to consider the financial impact of industrial washers on your business’s bottom line. While there are plenty of cost savings to be had, that’s only after you’ve had and used your washers for a time. Otherwise, upfront investment for industrial washers must first be met.

Companies like Yamamoto NA try to meet buyers part-way with our lines of affordable laundry equipment. We understand how expensive starting an in-house laundry operation can be, but we also know how beneficial it is for businesses to have their own machines. To this end, we hope to allow more clients to invest in industrial cleaning machines without worrying about their bottom line.

Train Your Staff

Now that you have new laundry machines in place, who will run them? For something like one machine in a small facility, hiring and training an individual to load and unload linen is unnecessary. However, having consistent laundry managers might be necessary for commercial laundry operations or larger facilities like hospitals or hotels.

Thankfully, no matter your staffing needs, Yamamoto’s washers were designed to be operator friendly. Yamamoto machine operation is quick to learn and only takes a little longer to master! With the many pre-programmed wash cycles (and the ability to program your own), Yamamoto equipment practically runs itself. Ideally, you won’t waste much time and money getting employees up-to-speed on operating a Yamamoto washer.

The EnvironmentallyFriendly Nature of Yamamoto Washers

Invest in In-House Laundry Operations

If your facility needs increased linen cleaning capabilities, has the space, and can financially support the decision, bringing laundry operations in-house is the right choice you can make for your business. And an even better decision is an investment in Yamamoto’s industrial washing machines!

To learn more about our high-quality, long-lasting, affordable and environmentally friendly washers, call Yamamoto NA today at 866-204-0519. Our main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.

The Environmentally Friendly Nature of Yamamoto Washers

Your first thought about industrial washing machines might not be how they impact the environment. However, it’s an important question to ask! With the volume of electricity, water, and cleaning chemicals used by commercial washers, it’s only natural to wonder what sort of effect they have on the preservation of nature. Unfortunately, for some washing machine manufacturers, the answer isn’t always what you wish. Thankfully, Yamamoto takes the initiative in designing cost-effective, energy-efficient, and water-conscious industrial washing machines. Talk to Yamamoto North America today to learn about the environmentallyfriendly nature of Yamamoto washers.

A Commitment to Sustainable Development

To do the most good for our environment and the world, Yamamoto follows the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals. The SDGs are 17 integrated goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015. The SDGs act as a call to action worldwide to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure the peace and prosperity of all people by 2030. Although it’s a lofty aim, it’s one that Yamamoto believes deeply in. As such, we implement machine designs, materials, and facility operations to closely align with several of the most essential Global Goals. These Goals include:

  • Good Health and Well-Being –Unhealthy living conditions threaten the health and well-being of individuals worldwide. Yamamoto washers are designed to combat germs and bacteria in every wash, ultimately protecting communities from illness and unhealthy living where our washers are implemented.
  • Clean Water and Sanitization – Yamamoto’s washing equipment doesn’t use otherwise “toxic” chemicals as a part of their cleaning process. We aim to not contribute to water pollution, helping keep water safe for consumption. Additionally, our machines are always designed with water conservation in mind to guarantee water availability for communities where it’s lacking.
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure – Yamamoto is leading the linen and laundry cleaning industries to create fast, efficient, long-lasting, environmentally friendly,and affordable equipment. To this end, we are constantly innovating our washer designs to bring the best, highest-quality machines to market and leading the way for other manufacturers to do the same.
  • Responsible Consumption and Production – To ensure clean water is available to all, our machines were designed to maximize cleaning with as little water as necessary. In doing so, we enable laundry operators across the globe to participate in responsible water (and energy) consumption, preserving water for those who need it most.
  • Climate Action – Unfortunately, global warming and greenhouse gas emissions threaten to cause irreversible harm to our climate and environment if our world doesn’t act! Yamamoto washers do their part to protect the environment through incredible water and energy conservation and use non-toxic chemicals and materials during production.

A Commitment to Our Customers

In addition to adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals, Yamamoto is deeply committed to the needs of our clients. As such, we enable our customers to implement sustainable development in their own manner, using our industrial cleaning equipment. With Yamamoto, you can expect environmentally-friendly guarantees like:

  • Non-Toxic Chemicals and Materials – Yamamoto produces our equipment using materials, chemicals and equipment that isn’t harmful to the environment. As recently as 2019, we changed the paint on our machines to be non-toxic!
  • Customizable Machines – Not only is the customizable nature of our machines to laundry operators’ advantage but to the benefit of the environment too! Having precise control over washer features such as water volume helps conserve our Earth’s resources.
  • Forever Equipment – Yamamoto wants to be your “forever company” for laundry equipment. For example, if you have a Yamamoto machine that’s 10+ years old and is no longer in production, we’ll still make and provide replacement parts for said machine. And by supporting your machines forever, we reduce product waste and help our clients save money.
The EnvironmentallyFriendly Nature of Yamamoto Washers

See Our Equipment for Yourself!

Yamamoto’s industrial washing machines are unmatched in their longevity, cleaning capabilities and affordability. We implement the latest features and technology into all our washers that your standard manufacturer would only offer for a premium. In alignment with the Global Goals, we enable laundry operators to accessenergy-efficient, water-saving cleaning equipment anywhere and at affordable prices. If Yamamoto can help create a cleaner and safer world through industrial washers, we can be satisfied with our commitment to sustainable development and our clients.

To learn more about Yamamoto washers or find a distributor near you, contact Yamamoto North America today at 866-204-0519. Our main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.

Yamamoto NA’s Trip to Japan!

2023 has presented the Yamamoto North America team with some exciting new opportunities. Not only are we building new partnerships and relationships throughout the linen cleaning industry, but we’re getting ready to begin offering some incredible new products. And to add to much of the excitement surrounding Yamamoto this year, our North American-based teams were invited by Yamamoto Manufacturing to see our company’s headquarters and experience some of the incredible sights, sounds and tastes of Japan.

Thanks to Our Top Distributors!

Yamamoto NA hosted different teams of distributors throughout the trip as thanks for the hard work of each. Distributors earned their tickets by being top earners, having the best sales performance for 2021. Of those present, we had representatives from Spin Techs of South Bend, 24/7 Laundry of Indianapolis, Consolidated Laundry of Raliegh, ECW Inc. of Los Angeles, National Laundry of Nashville, Hermes Equipment of Bloomington and SaveMore Equipment of Gadsden. Needless to say, we had a diverse group of team members for our trip!

Touring Yamamoto’s Facilities and History

Our trip took place during the first week of April, from the 1st to the 7th, during Japan’s famous Cherry Blossom Season! The visit included two nights in Tokyo, a night in Onomichi, and two nights in Hiroshima city. On arriving in Japan, we were greeted by the friendly folks at Yamamoto Manufacturing and given a proper tour of the area and some of Yamamoto’s facilities.

During our factory/property tours, we saw the newly renovated conference center in Yamamoto’s main office. The conference center featured a moveable wall that had been graphically designed to show the history and philosophy of Yamamoto Manufacturing through the years. It chronologically depicted the growth and changes in equipment lines of Yamamoto, as well as company culture since Yamamoto’s founding.

After seeing the new conference center, we were given a guided tour of each part of the factory. We were also shown additional facilities recently built to support the increase of production coming from growth in the American market. The consensus among our distributors was how impressed they were with the volume of automation and robotics used to create Yamamoto equipment. Through this automation, we recognized Yamamoto’s unique ability to control production and quality at a higher rate than traditional skilled laborers.

A Peek at What’s to Come

Upon completing the guided tours, our distributors got down to business with Yamamoto’s local teams to discuss some future products Yamamoto is close to releasing!

The standout products were Yamamoto’s OPL dryers. Each was 55lb and 75lb capacity units that operated using a worm gear rather than a belt and pully system. This allows for a smaller footprint and gives the dryers a competitive advantage in the market. Additionally, the switch to worm gear operation eliminated several parts that are traditionally service-heavy and costly over the machine’s lifespan. The dryers were also designed with a unique airflow system to help them achieve higher efficiency than most other brands while maintaining industrial-level performance.

In addition to the OPL dryers, we were shown the Yamamoto RSF Ironer, a re-modeled WUN275 with a smaller footprint, and some of the latest coin-operated laundry units. Excitingly, consumers can expect to see these new products and product redesigns on the market soon!

Yamamoto NA's Trip to Japan

Enjoying Our Downtime

Of course, our trip to Japan wasn’t only “business related.” Much of our time was spent enjoying everything Japan had to offer! During our trip, we were shown some incredible sights and famous locales throughout the country, including a visit to the Senkoiji Temple, Usui Shrine, Miyajima, Hiroshima Peace Park, Shinjuku Station, Mr. Yamamoto’s home, a ride on Japan’s bullet train, and more! And during the evenings, we sampled some of the fine and unique cuisine offered throughout Japan’s districts. There was no shortage of delicious foods, incredible sights, and exciting activities to experience in Japan!

Thank You, Yamamoto!

At Yamamoto NA, we couldn’t be more thankful for the incredible opportunity Yamamoto Manufacturing offered us. Seeing Yamamoto’s facilities first-hand and learning about the vibrant history of our company has given our distributors a new appreciation for the products they help sell. Moreover, our trip to Japan allowed our distributor network to come together to cultivate stronger bonds with the Yamamoto family and brand. Yamamoto NA is excited about everything to come, and we can’t wait for our next visit to Japan!