Industrial Facilities

Industrial Facilities

Industrial Facilities

Tackle Dirt and Grime in Industrial Facilities

For your average industrial facility, local and federal regulations outline the cleaning standards for businesses. From machinery care to eliminating toxic contaminants, cleanliness is crucial for the function of manufacturing plants, warehouses, and factories. And one tool most facilities employ to meet industry standards is industrial washing machines. However, not just any equipment will get the job done. You ought to count on the quality and efficiency of Yamamoto’s brand-leading industrial washers.

Raising the Bar for Industrial Cleaning

Yamamoto offers specialized laundry machinery that meets the specific needs of high-volume industrial processing plants. Our company has over 75 years of experience supporting clients worldwide with cleaning equipment that addresses cleaning concerns of operators. Furthermore, we strive to adapt our machinery to evolving industry standards. Our washer technology is always up to date with industrial cleaning and safety regulations.

Maximizing Cleaning Performance

As mentioned previously, our industrial washers were designed to benefit manufacturing plants and factories, among other industries. For example, you can expect advantages such as:

  • Our +300 G-Force extraction shortens dry times while preserving the life of the linens. This saves you on expensive utilities, labor, and the cost of linen replacement, ultimately lowering your bottom line and making you more money.
  • Large pneumatic valves help fill wash programs quickly and handle the highest PSI ratings. Paired with standard forward and reverse tilt helps create a fast, simple, and easy washing process.
  • The materials behind a Yamamoto washer are some of the best available. We design machines that outperform and outlast our competitors but offer them for an affordable price.

Yamamoto Washers’ Features

Instead of locking the best washer features and advancements behind extra fees, costs and add-ons, all features come standard for every machine. For example, our industrial laundry equipment includes:

  • Steam Injection – Sanitizes faster and cleans better, ultimately providing a better finish.
  • Lifetime Bearing Housing – Unique triple seal and self-lubricating technology help maintain the life of the bearing to be more than double the leading competitors.
  • One-of-a-kind Drain Valve Assembly – Built with revolutionary engineering techniques and robust materials, this drain valve is easily accessible and serviceable, preventing expensive technician visits.
  • Dual Soft Mount Suspension System – A combination of hydraulic shocks and springs alleviates the stress of high G-force extraction on the frame, assemblies, and facility foundation, ultimately prolonging the lifespan of the equipment.
  • Touch Screen Control – Simple to operate touch screen controls make using the machine easy for anyone. Clearly labeled programming also helps identify different load types preventing unnecessary chemical and water waste.
  • 8 Chemical Injection Ports – No matter who your laundry partners are for cleaning products, Yamamoto washers are ready for up to 8 chemical injections.

The Best Cleaning Solution for Industrial Facilities

Investing in Yamamoto’s cleaning systems can guarantee the best possible clean for rags, uniforms, and other linens throughout your industrial facility. And as important as meeting industry cleaning standards is for factories and manufacturing plants, you need the best industrial laundry machines available. When you’re ready to make the upgrade to a superior clean, give Yamamoto North America a call today. You can contact us at 866-204-0519 or via our online form. We offer our products across North America, with distribution facilities in Bloomington IL, Tucson AZ, Clewiston FL, Nashville TN, Kansas City MO and other locations.