Food and Animal Processing Facilities

Food and Animal Processing Facilities

Food and Animal Processing Facilities

Food and Animal Processing Facilities

Meeting the Need for Cleanliness in Food and Animal Processing Facilities

Some of the highest cleaning standards are expected of food and animal processing facilities throughout North America. Processing meat, poultry, dairy and other food products require as clean a facility as possible to avoid germs and spoilage. After all, any gaps in cleanliness can lead to health concerns for consumers. And to fill those gaps, processing facilities turn to Yamamoto North America and our line of industrial washing machines. Our equipment is essential for meeting all USDA guidelines for food processing plants throughout the country.

Working with Yamamoto

The applications of a Yamamoto washer benefit the specific needs of the food and animal processing industry. Our extensive partnerships and several decades long of experience have enabled our team to support clients with specialized equipment. Furthermore, our washing equipment addresses the key concerns that operators face every day. And as rules and regulations change, we adapt our machine designs to face new challenges and the latest industry standards.

How Your Facility Can Take Advantage of Yamamoto Washers

The technology behind our industrial washers helps plant managers improve the speed and efficiency of their typical cleaning processes. For example, some advantages of our washers include:

  • Our +300 G-Force extraction shortens dry times while preserving the life of the items washed. This saves you on expensive utilities, labor, and the cost of equipment/linen replacement, ultimately lowering your bottom line and saving you more money.
  • The hand-selected materials used for valves, hoses, and drains are specifically chosen to be compatible with extremely high temperatures or other cleaning agents such as Ozone. This way, Yamamoto equipment will provide processing facilities with the highest level of sanitation to meet all Government safety requirements.
  • Our machines are built to last while providing some of the best performance in the industry. Furthermore, we don’t charge extra for our equipment, with costs being some of the lowest available for industrial washing machines.

Features You Don’t Pay Extra For

To help our clients reach maximum cleaning potential, we package all our machinery with premium features. While other manufactures make you pay more for the latest tech, our commercial washers come standard with:

  • Steam Injection – Sanitizes faster and cleans better, ultimately providing a better finish.
  • Lifetime Bearing Housing – Unique triple seal and self-lubricating technology help maintain the life of the bearing to be more than double the leading competitors.
  • One-of-a-kind Drain Valve Assembly – Built with revolutionary engineering techniques and robust materials, this drain valve is easily accessible and serviceable, preventing expensive technician visits.
  • Industrial Grade Fill Valves – A two-piece industrial valve helps fill machines faster, saving you time. Constructed out of durable brass metals, they have a higher temperature tolerance to help increase thresholds, ultimately giving you a better clean.
  • Dual Soft Mount Suspension System – A combination of hydraulic shocks and springs alleviates the stress of high G-force extraction on the frame, assemblies, and facility foundation, prolonging the lifespan of the equipment.
  • Touch Screen Control – Simple to operate touch screen controls make using the machine easy for anyone. Clearly labeled programming also helps identify different load types preventing unnecessary chemical and water waste.
  • 8 Chemical Injection Ports – No matter who your laundry partners are for cleaning products, Yamamoto washers are ready for up to 8 chemical injections and two drop cups to give you a total of 10 automatic dispensers.

Simplifying Cleaning for the Food Processing Industry

One of Yamamoto North America’s main goals is to help industries achieve higher cleaning standards without breaking the bank. And for food and animal processing facilities, our machines provide cleaning and sanitization necessary for meeting local and federal regulations. So, when investing in new commercial laundry equipment, Yamamoto has become the top choice for meat, poultry, and dairy processing facilities. To learn more about our products, call Yamamoto today at 866-204-0519 or via our online form. We offer our products across North America, with distribution facilities in Bloomington IL, Tucson AZ, Clewiston FL, Nashville TN, Kansas City MO and other locations.