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Athletic Facilities

Athletic Facilities

The Ultimate Clean for Your Athletic Facilities

Athletics can get messy, whether playing hard at your town’s soccer field or building up a sweat at your gym. And for the facilities that support athletics, keeping up with cleanliness is a primary concern. However, cleaning uniforms, towels, sports equipment and more can seem like a constant endeavor. For athletic facilities that contend with dirty linens daily, you need the right machinery to keep up. Thankfully, with Yamamoto NA, we offer the right equipment for the job. Our industrial washers and laundry machines can seamlessly integrate into the cleaning procedures at your athletic facility.

Where to Start with Yamamoto

Yamamoto laundry equipment targets the precise needs of the athletics industry. Moreover, our partnerships date back decades, as we’ve supported thousands of clients with specialized equipment. Every Yamamoto washer addresses the primary challenges your facility can face. And in an ever-changing world, cleanliness is always top of mind. So, we adapt our industrial washers to meet the higher standards of every industry, athletics included.

What Are the Benefits of Yamamoto Machinery?

Yamamoto looks to stand out from other industrial washer manufacturers. Thus, we offer some of the best benefits found in the cleaning industry. For example, here’s some of what you can come to expect from a Yamamoto washer:

  • Our +300 G-Force extraction shortens dry times while preserving the life of the athletic equipment. This saves you on expensive utilities, labor, and the cost of equipment replacement. In the end, you lower your bottom line and save your team more money.
  • Our unique WUD line is designed to both wash and dry each load in half the space without the need of switching from one machine to the next. So, for those organizations with limited space, managers can maximize their efficiency and still meet the cleaning requirements of the team.
  • Every component in a Yamamoto washer we design and build to outlast and outperform our competitors. However, you don’t pay extra for our higher quality machines. We sell our laundry equipment for some of the lowest costs to own in the industry.

Primary Features of Our Washers

Yamamoto doesn’t make you pay extra for the premium features available with our washers. As such, our industrial washing machines come standard with:

  • Steam Injection – Sanitizes faster and cleans better, ultimately providing a better finish.
  • Lifetime Bearing Housing – Unique triple seal and self-lubricating technology help maintain the life of the bearing to be more than double the leading competitors.
  • One-of-a-kind Drain Valve Assembly – Built with revolutionary engineering techniques and robust materials, this drain valve is easily accessible and serviceable, preventing expensive technician visits.
  • Industrial Grade Fill Valves – A two-piece industrial valve helps fill machines faster, saving you time. Constructed out of durable brass metals, they have a higher temperature tolerance to help increase thresholds, ultimately providing a better clean.
  • Dual Soft Mount Suspension System – A combination of hydraulic shocks and springs alleviates the stress of high G-force extraction on the frame, assemblies, and facility foundation, ultimately prolonging the lifespan of the equipment.
  • Touch Screen Control – Simple to operate touch screen controls make using the machine easy for anyone. Clearly labeled programming also helps identify different load types preventing unnecessary chemical and water waste.
  • 8 Chemical Injection Ports – No matter who your laundry partners are for cleaning products, Yamamoto washers are ready for up to 8 chemical injections and two drop cups to give you a total of 10 automatic dispensers.

Asserting Cleanliness for Athletic Facilities

In purchasing a Yamamoto washer, equipment managers or athletic facility managers can ensure the dirtiest sports equipment and linens are getting the most thorough clean possible. And utilizing state-of-the-art technology, it’s never been easier to operate an industrial washing machine. If interested in setting up your gym, sports center or otherwise with new industrial washers, get in touch with the professionals at Yamamoto North America today. You can contact us at 866-204-0519 or via our online form. We offer our products across North America, with distribution facilities in Bloomington IL, Tucson AZ, Clewiston FL, Nashville TN, Kansas City MO and other locations.