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Commercial Washer/Extractors

Soft-Mount Washer-Extractor Machines

A Powerful Clean With Yamamoto Soft-Mount Washer-Extractors Yamamoto is one of the most trusted names in commercial and industrial laundry washer-extractors. Thanks to a deep commitment to excellence, we utilize creative and innovative engineering to advance technology and outpace competitors. Our talented team of professionals is constantly looking for new ways to increase each product’s performance to give our clients even more benefits. Here are just some of the many great features and functions found in our soft-mount commercial washer-extractors.

  • Superior cleaning quality
  • Automated cleaning programs
  • Touch screen controls
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Eco-friendly green technology
  • Dry-to-dry cycle options
  • Multi-weight loading
  • Global settings
  • 100-formula capacity
  • 10 water level options
  • Standard steam injection
  • 8 chemical ports
  • Easy-to-clean drain filter
  • Heavy-duty shocks and springs

Superior Reliability & Efficiency

Yamamoto employs some of the brightest minds in the industry, and our engineers have worked hard to design machines that provide great benefits to our clients. Our commercial and industrial washer-extractors are simply superior to our competition and deliver amazing advantages for many applications.

  • High-Durability Parts - As opposed to standard washers that are mass produced using many plastic parts, each Yamamoto machine is crafted piece by piece and uses virtually no plastic components. Our soft-mount washer-extractors require less maintenance and operate at full efficiency for years to come.
  • Complete Customization - Yamamoto strives to provide customers with the best commercial and industrial washer extractors available. Our products utilize a variety of features to provide flexibility, customization, and multipurpose use to fit the needs of any business.
  • A Fast and Efficient Clean - Due to the way we build our machines, our washer-extractors can provide a superior clean compared to mass-produced multibranded machinery. We design our equipment with efficiency in mind, which reduces the amount of water and electricity they use, cuts down the time to complete loads, and gives a fuller clean than other laundry machines.

Yamamoto Washer-Extractor Products

WUN 30

WUN 30

  • Load Capacity: 30lbs
  • Machine Weight: 1103lbs
  • G-Force Capabilities: 236 G
WUN 55

WUN 55

  • Load Capacity: 55lbs
  • Machine Weight: 1455bs
  • G-Force Capabilities: 330 G
WUN 70

WUN 70

  • Load Capacity: 70lbs
  • Machine Weight: 1875lbs
  • G-Force Capabilities: 318 G
WUN 100

WUN 100

  • Load Capacity: 100lbs
  • Machine Weight: 2955lbs
  • G-Force Capabilities: 303 G