About Us

About Us

Yamamoto, based in Hiroshima Japan, is family-owned and operated and has been manufacturing laundry machinery for over 70 years. We are focused on creating the highest quality commercial laundry equipment and constantly updating our machines to fit the everchanging markets we operate in. Utilized in hotels, health-care organizations, athletic operations, and industrial laundry facilities around the world, our machines provide a user-friendly platform that maintains superior performance year after year.

At Yamamoto, we pride ourselves on building products that can outlast and outperform our competitors for an affordable price. We’ve revolutionized the industry by re-engineering the key components to withstand more than just day to day use and provide new ways to meet your laundry needs. By adhering to Japanese standards and investing in product development we have improved the durability of our machines, allowing them to last over 25 years with extremely little maintenance.

As a family business in a global economy, we recognize the impact our machines have on the livelihood of the end user. Be that a local laundry mat or a large hotel chain, the functionality of each product is imperative towards that businesses success. The cost of a malfunction can be detrimental at any level and we’ve recognized that risk needs addressed. Partnered with Yamamoto North America, based in Bloomington IL and other distributors across the continent, we can provide equipment, parts, and technical support to the US, Canada, and Mexico.

We are excited to continue our efforts and share with the world why a Yamamoto machine may be the last machine you may ever have to buy.


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