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Exceptionally Fast, High-Quality Folding with Yamamoto's Multi Piece Towel Folder

The FUT10BT is a highly productive, multi-use folder that classifies, folds and stacks a variety of different towel sizes almost autonomously. Unlike other folders in the industry, Yamamoto's designers have incorporated unique features to help increase your business's throughput without sacrificing the quality of your finished products or your staff's time. Using advanced technology and high-quality components designed by an industry leading manufacturer, the FUT10BT Towel Folder supplies unmatched speed, quality, and control to laundry operators worldwide. Call Yamamoto North America today to learn more.

These are some of the features that set Yamamoto's multi-piece towel folder apart from the competition:

  • Pneumatic Power Blade Lifters (NO more inconsistent folds/edges!)
  • Multifunctional Touchscreen with Manual Operation
  • 30 Auto-Sorting Programs
  • Unique Optimal Infeed Method
  • Output of 650 Pieces per Hour
  • 3 Stacking/Sorting Table Feeds
  • Self-Diagnostic Controls
  • Manual Rejection Button
  • Rollers and Vacuums
  • Lateral and Cross Folds

The World's Best Laundry Equipment

Yamamoto's expert designers understand the needs of laundry operators worldwide. From self-diagnostic control to using higher-grade materials, we want to assure you our machines are built to last and ready to work. As such, with our multi-piece automatic towel folder, you can expect:

  • High-Durability Parts – Nearly 95% of the manufacturing required to develop Yamamoto equipment is handled in-house from raw materials. This guarantees that the quality of each component meets the standards of our management teams and our customers' expectations. It also helps us ensure parts availability over a significantly longer time frame, as we expect the machine to last much longer than our competitors.
  • High Production Output – Per American Laundry News, the average person can fold, sort, and stack different-sized towels at a rate of 120 pieces per hour. Compare that to the 650 pieces per hour a FUT10BT can manage, and it's as much as the workload of more than five employees! By combining increased throughput with reduced labor costs, a FUT10BT towel folder can essentially pay for itself.
  • Innovative Tech – Our towel folders feature easy-to-operate touchscreen controls with multilanguage abilities and 30 auto-sorting programs. This makes it easy for laundry attendants to understand and select the right buttons to ensure the best finish every time. The unique control allows operators to make real-time adjustments without needing a skilled technician. Furthermore, it allows the facility to review production results and manage best laundry practices.
  • Unique Optimal Infeed Method – Our distinctive feeding method assures the industry's best fold quality. Belt movement begins AFTER a piece of the linen is set to ensure precise folding. Rollers and vacuums are then used to help preserve a flat finish during feeding. The result is a crisp, high-quality fold sure to impress clients.
  • Easy Adjustments for Perfect Folds – Standard towel folders require speed adjustments between linen types to ensure proper folds are achieved. However, these "adjustments" are challenging to program without a trained technician. Conversely, a FUT10BT adjusts folding based on the distance between linen folds instead of the speed of folding. In doing so, adjustments to your machine are easier to manage, quicker to implement, and don't require a special technician to perform.

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