WUD 60


Combination Washer/Dryers

Industrial-Strength Washer-Dryer Combo Units

Dry-To-Dry Clean With Yamamoto Washer-Dryer Combo Units

Designed for use by clients in various industries—such as laundromats, hotels, correctional facilities, hospitals, fitness centers, and large-scale laundry facilities—our industrial-strength washer and dryers provide all the benefits of a traditional split system in nearly half the square footage. Yamamoto’s dedication to advancing technology and outpacing competitors has allowed us to become one of the industry’s most trusted names. We understand that our clients require reliable, large washer and dryer units that can handle high-volume laundry and get the job done efficiently. You can trust that Yamamoto will deliver on our promises and provide you with the machinery your operation requires.

Here are some features that make Yamamoto commercial washer-dryer combo units stand out from the competition:

  • Superior cleaning quality
  • Automated cleaning programs
  • Touch screen controls
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Eco-friendly green technology
  • Dry-to-dry cycle options
  • Multi-weight loading
  • Global settings
  • 100-formula capacity
  • 10 water level options
  • Standard steam injection
  • 8 chemical ports
  • Easy-to-clean drain filter
  • Heavy-duty shocks and springs

Superior Reliability & Efficiency

Yamamoto’s dedication to advancing our technology and engineering capabilities allows us to provide truly exceptional benefits to our customers. Our commercial and industrial-strength washer and dryer combos are simply superior to anything else on the market and deliver amazing advantages for numerous applications.

  • High-Durability Parts - Yamamoto builds each washer-dryer combo unit using high-performance, durable parts. You rarely find any components made of plastic in our machine. This allows for decreased required maintenance and longer lifespans than competing machines.
  • Complete Customization - To meet clients’ needs in a wide variety of markets, Yamamoto’s large industrial washer-dryers feature various customizable features. From flexible programming to specialized functions, we ensure that you receive equipment that will help your business succeed.
  • A Fast and Efficient Clean - Yamamoto machines provide a superior clean while operating far more efficiently than the mass-produced competition. We design our equipment with efficiency in mind. For all businesses, we reduce the amount of water and electricity they use, cut down the time to complete loads, and give a fuller clean than other laundry machines.

Yamamoto Combo Units Products

WUD 60

WUD 60

  • Pound Capacity: 60/30lbs Wash/Dry
  • Drying Heat Source: Gas or Steam
  • G Force Capabilities: 330 G
  • Machine Weight: 1965lbs
WUD 80

WUD 80

  • Pound Capacity: 80/40lbs Wash/Dry
  • Drying Heat Source: Gas or Steam
  • G Force Capabilities: 330 G
  • Machine Weight: 3070 lbs