Benefits of Industrial Washer and Dryer Combination Units


Benefits of Industrial Washer and Dryer Combination Units

Benefits of Industrial Washer and Dryer Combination Units

Industrial washer and dryer combination units have a wide range of benefits for different industries, including hospitals, hotels, laundromats, and many more. A washer-dryer combination unit brings a commercial dryer and a heavy duty front-load washer/extractor into a single frame that has a similar square foot to a traditional soft-mount washer. Here are some of the many benefits of industrial washer and dryer combination units.

They Save Space

One of the most significant benefits of washer and dryer combo units is that they’re great space savers. Washer-dryer combos eliminate the need to devote an area to two separate machines. So, you can virtually double your laundry capacity. The combo unit is perfect if your business needs to save room or if you want to fit more equipment in the same space.

They Lower Utility Costs

Washer dryer combination units have grown rapidly in the dry-cleaning market because they work well as an alternative to dry-cleaning. Many times, we find that we can reduce the cost per load to a small fraction of what it costs operators in a traditional system. In regard to other on-premise settings, the industrial grade combo units come standard with the industries best programming abilities. So, each load can be customized to maximize efficiency by using less water, drying for shorter periods, and in many cases saving detergent costs.

They Lower Labor Costs

Most operators do not recognize how much time is wasted switching a load from the washer to a dryer. Say for example in a hotel that has two traditional sets of 55lb washers and compatible dryers. If both set’s run for a conservative 8 loads per day that would be 16 total loads. Typically, it takes a laundry attendant about 8-10 minutes to hear the wash cycle has finished, complete the task they are working on, and then go switch the load to a dryer and start the next step. With 16 loads/day multiplied by 8 minutes/load, that would be 128 minutes/day spent in just switching loads… Factor in a 5-day work week for 52 weeks (even though most OPL’s run every day) that 33,280 minutes or 554 labor hours… at a gross labor cost of $9.00/hour that $4,986 per year.

Most combination units are paid for in savings within the first few years!

After seeing all the benefits of industrial washer and dryer combination units, you may want to utilize one. Yamamoto offers superior industrial strength washer and dryer combination units for your business. Our units are completely customizable, made from highly durable parts, and provide a fast and efficient cleaning job. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.