The Harmony Cleaning System

The Harmony Cleaning System

The Harmony Cleaning System

The Harmony Cleaning System

Wet Cleaning Equipment Is the Future of Dry Cleaning

For over 60 years, Yamamoto has pursued perfection in the commercial laundry equipment industry by developing the Harmony Cleaning System. These high standards, coupled with strong attention to detail, have led to the creation of the most comprehensive, automated wet cleaning machines for dry cleaners on the market. This system is a seamless solution from start to finish, utilizing innovative computer-controlled washers and dryers. It is technologically advanced, yet easy to use, allowing users to create custom cycles, including dry-to-dry and multi-weight loading options.

The Harmony Cleaning System is designed to maximize efficiency, which saves time, labor, and space. Processing a load from start to finish can take half the time as many systems, uses far less utilities, and is safe for the operator and the environment. Yamamoto wet cleaning equipment is designed for heavy use with little to no maintenance compared to traditional cleaning systems, and pairing that with the Harmony additives will help increase your business’s efficiency and profitability.

There are many factors that reduce Harmony Cleaning System’s cost to about one-third of the cost of a traditional dry cleaning system. This system drastically lowers electrical usage, and it has a much smaller footprint. Additionally, there is no cost of disposing dangerous waste sludge because the additives are water soluble and are comprised of eco-friendly components. The Harmony Cleaning System was designed with the operator in mind. With years of experience in the laundry industry, the Harmony Cleaning team has made sure the process is simple to implement, extremely easy to maintain, and has a significant savings impact on your processing plant.

Harmony Cleaning System

The Harmony Cleaning System Offers:

  • Eco-Friendly Green Technology
  • Superior Cleaning Quality
  • Sanitizing Elements
  • One Shot Additive
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • No Hazardous Waste
  • Multi Weight Loading
  • Flexible Automated Programs
  • Easy-to-Clean Drain & Filter
  • Gas or Steam Heated

Natural Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Detergents

By utilizing biodegradable laundry detergents, the Harmony cleaning system is eco -friendly, avoiding chemicals used in the dry cleaning process such as a Perc, Hydrocarbons or K4. All cleaning solutions used in the Harmony Cleaning System- One-Shot Detergent, TEMPO Pre-Treatment, and ALLEGRO Spotter – are made from natural ingredients.

The system’s biodegradable detergents produce non-hazardous waste that can be disposed of through a normal drain. The system’s automated cycles allow it’s unique cleaning solutions to mix with water. Additionally, camellia oil coats fabric surfaces to protect them during the entire cleaning process.

A cycle through a Yamamoto wet dry cleaning machine leaves the garment smelling fresh and lightly conditioned for a noticeably better feel. Users have found that the more frequently a garment is cleaned using the Harmony additive the more the fibers are coated and softer the fabric feels bringing it back to it’s original “like new” condition.