Industrial Washers Indiana

Industrial Washers Indiana

Equip Your Business with the Best Industrial Washers in Indiana

There’s no denying the cleaning needs of many industries. And having the best available cleaning equipment is crucial to keeping up with today’s high cleanliness standards. Thankfully, one company rises to the task of providing the best industrial washers for Indiana businesses. Yamamoto North America’s washing machines are durable, efficient, long-lasting and affordable; talk with our team to discover how your industry can benefit from our washers.

Industrial Washers Indiana

How Our Machines Stand Out

Yamamoto actively strives to serve the cleaning needs of every industry with the most advanced features for our industrial washers. What other washing machine manufacturers might consider “premium,” we make standard as part of every Yamamoto washer. As such, our machines stand out from the competition with features such as:

  • Oversized Load Management – Yamamoto machines have incredible stability, using an oversized bearing and a dual soft-mount suspension. And with such stability, our washers can manage almost any load size, no matter how small or large. Additionally, these features ensure your machine can handle long wash cycles, high-speed extractions, and much more.
  • Simple Operation and Maintenance – So laundry operators of any experience level can use our washers, our machines include the latest touch-screen controls. Furthermore, wash cycles are fully programable, with 100 pre-programmed wash cycles already included. And if concerned over maintenance of our machines, our one-of-a-kind metal housing drain valves require no tools to access.
  • Streamlined Laundry Process – Triple seal protection matched with steam injection ensures your washer’s cleaning and sanitization capabilities are optimized to the max. And for those interested in streamlining the laundry process further, our line of WUD washers is worth checking out. This unique washer model can wash and dry all in one load, cutting down on labor and time for laundry operation.
Industrial Washers Indiana

Industries That Need Yamamoto’s Washers

As mentioned previously, today’s cleaning standards for businesses are higher than ever. As such, Yamamoto’s industrial washers for Indiana are designed to meet the needs of near any industry. Some of the more common industries that utilize our advanced washing equipment include:

Call Today

With Yamamoto’s industrial washers for Indiana businesses, you no longer need to fret over the laundry cleaning capabilities of your facility. To learn more about our incredible line of commercial washing machines, contact Yamamoto North America today at 866-204-0519. Also, our main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.