Industrial Washers Michigan

Industrial Washers Michigan

Achieve the Ultimate Cleanliness with Industrial Washers for Michigan Businesses

Industries throughout the Midwest are always looking to improve their cleaning procedures. However, it ultimately comes down to the equipment being used. If your washing equipment can’t handle your facility’s laundry cleaning needs, you’ll never meet the cleanliness standards expected of your business. Thankfully, Yamamoto North America can help! With our industrial washers for Michigan businesses, we maximize your laundry cleaning output.

Industrial Washers Michigan

What Makes Yamamoto Washers Special?

If you want durable, highly efficient washers with all the latest features, it can require a significant financial investment. Conversely, Yamamoto’s washers include “premium” features as standard. Furthermore, we still instill incredible manufacturing and design quality in our washers without overcharging our customers. Here are a few of some of the best features you can expect with our machines:

  • Simple Operation and Maintenance – Industrial washing machines shouldn’t be complicated to operate. As such, Yamamoto equips our washers with easy-to-use touch-screen controls and fully programable cleaning cycles (with over 100 already pre-loaded). Additionally, we make maintenance of your washer as simple as possible, with metal housing and drains that require no tools to access.
  • Large Load Capacity – Industries such as hospitality or healthcare have multiple large loads of linens to process daily. And a standard washing machine can’t keep up with the demands of such industries. Thus, Yamamoto washers use an oversized bearing and dual soft-mount suspension system to achieve the most stability. As such, this stability allows our machines to handle oversized loads with ease and perform high-speed extractions regularly.
  • Greater Cleaning Capability – With our triple seal protection, leaks are eliminated, and the cleaning capability of our machines is optimized to the max. Furthermore, the inclusion of steam injection ensures our machines can achieve high sanitization levels. There’re no stains, dirt or grime our industrial washers for Michigan businesses can’t handle.
Industrial Washers Michigan

Common Industries We Serve

More than high-quality materials and Japanese ingenuity go into Yamamoto washers. We design every industrial washing machine with the cleaning needs of numerous industries in mind. As such, our washers are some of the most versatile on the market. And if you’re still not convinced, we offer a five-year ALL PARTS warranty for all our equipment. If you are a part of the following industries, it’s worth investing in Yamamoto:

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Don’t let your business’s cleanliness go by the wayside. Ensure you’re maximizing your laundry cleaning output with the help of Yamamoto’s industrial washers in Michigan. To learn more about our products, call Yamamoto North America today at 866-204-0519. Also, our main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.