Commercial Laundry Equipment San Antonio TX

Commercial Laundry Equipment San Antonio TX

Trouble Managing Dirty Linen? Try Commercial Laundry Equipment in San Antonio TX from Yamamoto!

As your business struggles to contend with the massive volume of dirty linen that must be processed daily, the quality of your laundry cleaning can suffer. And if you have your laundry operations outsourced, you’re likely paying too much for linen cleaning that’s only sub-par. Thankfully, you can achieve exceptional linen cleaning without breaking the bank. With Yamamoto North America’s line of commercial laundry equipment for San Antonio TX, you can be confident in the quality and capability of your in-house linen cleaning.

Commercial Laundry Equipment San Antonio TX

The Issues Yamamoto Equipment Helps Resolve

While the quality of linen cleaning is improved with in-house laundry equipment, laundry operators still face a number of problems. Thankfully, Yamamoto’s industrial washing machines are designed to tackle the toughest challenges facing industries that require consistent linen cleaning. Some of these issues our washers help resolve include:

  • Limited Washer Capacity – Many standard washers only include small to medium drum sizes, without the proper suspension and capabilities for managing large loads. Thankfully, Yamamoto washers implement oversized bearings, dual soft-mount suspension, and heavy-duty shocks and springs that enable high-speed extraction for loads of all sizes.
  • Reduced Cleaning Quality – While your washer might seem to clean your linen, it might not be clean enough to meet the high cleanliness standards of your industry (such as that’s required for healthcare or hospitality). As such, Yamamoto washers feature triple seal protection and steam injection to thoroughly sanitize each load, eliminating germs and stains.
  • Electricity & Water Waste – Unfortunately, older or less efficient washing machines can be fairly wasteful of water and electricity, ultimately impacting utility bills. Thankfully, Yamamoto’s washers are new, designed with precise digital controls that enable washers to control machines’ water and electricity output.
  • Bad for the Environment – Besides creating less wasteful machinery, our equipment uses materials and components that are not harmful to the environment. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for some industrial washers from other manufacturers. Yamamoto’s washers look to rectify such issues, focusing on sustainable development.
Commercial Laundry Equipment San Antonio TX

How Do Yamamoto Washers Stand Out?

Yamamoto’s 70-plus years of designing and manufacturing industrial washing machines have led to incredible advancements and innovations in linen cleaning technology. If seeking commercial laundry equipment for San Antonio TX, or anywhere throughout the Lone Star State, Yamamoto NA is the brand industries trust. Our machines include features most often considered “premium” by other manufacturers. Furthermore, we include our five-year ALL PARTS warranty to give our clients greater peace of mind. Some of our washers’ best features include:

  • Oversized bearing with triple seal protection
  • Heavy Duty post and pin style door hinge with stainless steel locking mechanism
  • One-of-a-kind metal housing drain valves with no tools required to access
  • Fully serviceable two-piece brass fill valves
  • Dual soft-mount suspension with heavy-duty shocks and springs
  • Fully programmable, with up to 100 cycles, touch screen control

Talk with Our Team

Rather than waste time and money outsourcing your linen cleaning or using less-than-reliable commercial laundry equipment in San Antonio TX, invest in the best industrial washers with Yamamoto North America! To learn more about Yamamoto NA or receive a quote, call 309-827-4303. Our main office is located at 507 W Olive St, Bloomington, IL 61701.