Industrial Washing Machines Houston TX

Industrial Washing Machines Houston TX

The Power of Yamamoto’s Industrial Washing Machines for Houston TX

Rarely do we think of the power and durability of our laundry machines. However, commercial cleaning equipment should be tougher and longer-lasting than standard washers and washing machines. As such, manufacturers seek to meet businesses’ linen cleaning needs with industrial washing machines for Houston TX. And of those manufacturers, none creates a higher quality, more affordable washer than Yamamoto North America.

Industrial Washing Machines Houston TX

Assessing a Yamamoto Washer’s Strengths

Yamamoto’s machines utilize various features and functions that set them above what other manufacturers offer. In what most industries refer to as “premium,” the best comes standard with Yamamoto washers. In implementing advanced features, we strive to meet the most stringent cleaning needs of industries throughout Texas.

  • Flexible Load Sizes– Businesses like hospitals or hotels must consistently process large volumes of linen daily. However, such laundry processing can overwhelm machines using less-efficient components. As such, Yamamoto’s machines feature oversized bearings and a dual soft-mount suspension system. These systems combined allow our washers to manage any load size, no matter how large or small, at maximum extraction speeds.
  • High-Speed Extractions– Speaking of maximum extraction speeds, Yamamoto’s washers can perform high-speed extractions. A high-speed extraction aims to separate moisture from linen faster and more effectively than standard wash cycles. In doing so, wash and dry cycle completion times are significantly reduced, allowing laundry to be processed quickly and more efficiently.
  • The Best Cleaning Quality– Above all, Yamamoto’s washers offer the best cleaning of commercial washers and industrial machines from other manufacturers. We design our machines using the latest components and features, giving operators the most control over their facility’s cleaning capabilities. For example, our machines utilize pre-programmed washer cycles, steam injection and triple seal protection to maximize the cleaning and sanitization of linen.
Industrial Washing Machines Houston TX

Best Uses for Yamamoto Machines

In truth, there’s no limit to the businesses and industries that can benefit from an investment in Yamamoto’s industrial washing machines for Houston TX. However, some industries implement linen cleaning more than others, for which Yamamoto washers were specifically designed. Our washers can achieve the highest cleanliness standards for industries like:

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Rest assured, when looking for the best industrial washing machines for Houston TX, local businesses rely on the incredible durability, longevity, and cleaning capabilities of Yamamoto washers. To learn more about Yamamoto North America’s products or find a distributor near you, contact us today at 866-204-0519. Our main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701., serving clients throughout the United States.