Yamamoto Celebrates Over 75 Years of Service

2023 marks the beginning of the fourth quarter of a century of service for Yamamoto Manufacturing. That’s right, Yamamoto has supplied the best industrial washing machines to industries across the world for over 75 years! And in celebrating our success and looking toward the future, we first consider the humble beginnings of Yamamoto and how we grew to be an industry leader for industrial linen cleaning equipment and machinery.

Humble Beginnings

Yamamoto’s story begins in Onomichi, Japan, with company founder Takuji Yamamoto. In 1947, the neighborhood Takuji lived in was home to a local cleaner, to who Takuji provided regular equipment service. It wasn’t until after a few years of repairing and maintaining laundry equipment that the owner of the local cleaner challenged Takuji to design and manufacture a more reliable machine. Takuji accepted this challenge, and the first Yamamoto washer was created!

Takuji’s experience servicing washing equipment gave him a greater understanding of the key features that most impact a unit’s performance. As such, he helped lay the foundation for Yamamoto’s competitive differences. It didn’t take long before Takuji’s repair service transformed into a linen cleaning industry leader within the Japanese market.

When Takuji’s son, and current Yamamoto president Shohei Yamamoto, took over his father’s business, he wanted to bring his father’s concepts and machine designs to the rest of the world. Shohei’s leadership built Yamamoto’s presence on the international stage. In hopes of making his hometown of Onomichi known for the world’s best laundry equipment, Shohei began entering several international markets. Staying true to his Japanese roots, Shohei grew Yamamoto on the belief that happy employees lead to better products, and better products lead to happy customers.

Now, Yamamoto’s machines are used worldwide in commercial and industrial facilities, providing high-quality cleaning for reasonable prices. Yamamoto continues to supply businesses with parts and products made in-house, guaranteeing incredible longevity and increased cleaning capability for our equipment. In fact, Yamamoto’s machines are so durable and long-lasting that they’ve earned the title “Forever Machines” in the linen cleaning industry.

Yamamoto’s Future

Yamamoto Celebrates Over 75 Years of Service

As Yamamoto North America looks back fondly on our company’s roots, we continue to supply companies throughout the United States and Canada with the excellent cleaning products they’ve come to expect. The future for Yamamoto in 2023 is exciting, with plenty of new plans in the works. You’ve already seen our latest product, the FUT10BT Towel Folder; however, this is only the first of several products Yamamoto has lined up for this year! With new dryer tech and coin-operated machines on the horizon, Yamamoto plans on making this last quarter of a century its best yet!

Thank you to all our clients for your trust in Yamamoto over the years, and we look forward to your continued support! Here’s to a new year in linen cleaning with Yamamoto!

Fighting Rising Costs in the Laundry Industry

No industry is safe from rising costs and inflation, and the laundry and linen industries are no exception. As laundry operators are brainstorming new ways to cut costs and keep commercial laundry cleaning affordable, Yamamoto is also coming up with cost-saving ideas for our equipment! If addressing some of the main points of contention for laundry facilities, such as labor, utilities and textile costs, you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure your laundry operations stay cost-effective. Allow Yamamoto North America to discuss why laundry operators continue to fight rising costs and what can be done about it.

Problem 1: Labor

Commercial laundry facilities, hospitals, hotels, and other businesses need the labor necessary for quick and easy linen cleaning. However, as the cost of living continues to rise, so too do the compensation needs of your employees. And as a business owner or facility manager, you want to do right by your staff and ensure operating costs are manageable. Unfortunately, the solution for many companies to save on labor costs is to reduce hiring or let go of employees. While this can provide temporary relief, employee retention can become an issue if you’re not careful.

Problem 2: Utilities

Running commercial washers and dryers consistently every day can add up over time. Utility costs for water, gas and electricity can be challenging to cut when you require your machines to run! Moreover, depending on your location, gas and electric costs are rising at alarming rates. In the residential space alone, some households’ electricity bills have doubled or tripled! Now, imagine how an already expensive energy bill for a commercial facility might be affected. The bottom line: utility costs continue to confound laundry operators.

Problem 3: Textiles

With shipping delays still a consequence of the global pandemic, the cost of goods and materials is in constant flux. The West’s reliance on production and supplies from Asia is no longer guaranteed, and there has yet to be a replacement for consistent textile products. This disruption in the textile industry has caused cotton prices to double, polyester fiber prices to rise, and negatively impacted supply chains across the globe.

What Can Be Done?

To ensure your laundry business can sustain itself with rising costs and a potential recession on the horizon, there are steps you can take that improve costs related to textile, labor and utilities. If you manage these three areas, you can overcome the worst of inflation. Here are some helpful tips for fighting increased expenses and creating a cost-efficient laundry program:

  • Consider Automation – Automation for your business is easier to reduce labor without placing extra responsibilities on your employees. Luckily, much of laundry cleaning already relies on automation. As long as laundry operators can load and unload machines, industrial washers and dryers take care of the rest. And with additional equipment, such as Towel Folders, you can also automate the post-cleaning process. Thankfully, Yamamoto has the equipment you need to further your facility’s automation.
  • Invest in Greener Solutions – As utility costs won’t decrease anytime soon, the only way to reduce your bill is to use less. Older laundry equipment is the biggest offender in extraneous gas, water and electricity usage. While newer equipment requires an upfront investment, the utility cost savings will make up for the difference in no time.
  • Bring Laundry Operations In-House – Most of these points to reduce laundry operation costs assume, as a laundry operator, you already utilize industrial cleaning equipment on-site. However, some industries (such as healthcare or hospitality) choose to outsource their laundry operations. While outsourcing laundry cleaning might allow you to forgo equipment costs, third-party cleaner costs can be worse!

How Yamamoto Can Help

While Yamamoto NA can recommend increased automation and investment in new laundry equipment, what good does it do if said laundry equipment cannot accommodate your laundry operations? Thus, Yamamoto continues to develop new and innovative laundry cleaning solutions that perfect automation and greener cleaning methods.

Fighting Rising Costs in the Laundry Industry

Our latest washer and dryer tech utilizes advancements in “re-use” technology. For example, water re-claim, heat exchangers, and multi-pass dryers are becoming the standard for Yamamoto equipment. Yamamoto’s industrial washing machine designs help reduce labor and utility usage to help laundry operators’ bottom line and, more importantly, reduce the carbon footprint of laundry facilities. Our ultimate goal is to change the culture of laundry by making significant improvements to our “green thumb” as an industry.

Learn More About Yamamoto Equipment

Investing in the right laundry equipment is the best step to fighting rising costs in the laundry and linen industries. As such, Yamamoto continually strives to supply the most affordable, durable and cost-effective machines available. If you wish to learn more about our industrial laundry equipment and how it can help your linen cleaning operations, call today at 866-204-0519. We are located at 507 W Olive St, Bloomington, IL 61701.

That’s a Wrap! Our Thoughts on the 2022 Clean Show

After the last few years of COVID restrictions, quarantining, and Zoom calls, it was both exhilarating and cathartic to finally convene for the 2022 Clean Show. This year, Yamamoto NA was at the convention in force, boasting the largest booth we’ve ever done! Not to mention, we got to show off new products, talk to other industry experts, attend educational sessions, and network to our hearts’ content.

Our Biggest Event Yet!

The Clean Show boasted an impressive figure of 10,000 attendees, with approximately 350 exhibitors, 51 of whom were first-time. Such attendance numbers were impressive, considering this was the first Clean Show since quarantine began in 2020. And at Yamamoto NA’s booth, we had the most visitors we’ve ever had at a conference! While we can’t get exact, we estimate the number of visitors to our booth was 5 to 10 times more than we’ve had in previous years.

What’s New?

At Yamamoto’s booth, we unveiled some exciting new products we plan to offer clients within the coming months. The first, the FUT10BT, is our multi-piece towel folder. This incredible machine can fold up to 650 towels per hour, with precise touch-screen controls that make operation a breeze. We plan on talking more about the FUT10BT in future blog posts. And if you’d like to see a demonstration of our towel folder in action, check out the video below!

Our second piece of equipment that we unveiled was an industrial commercial washer. However, not our standard industrial washer but a coin-operated machine! That’s right, Yamamoto is diving into the coin-operated machinery market! Every machine is similar to Yamamoto’s WUD line of washing equipment, but with the addition of coin operation. This was the first time we publicly introduced the concept of our coin-operated machinery in the US, and we’re excited to talk more about these washers soon!

Who We Met

While we met HUNDREDS of new faces, there were plenty of familiar faces among the crowd! Of those familiar faces, we got to connect with 2-M Kasei’s Masaharu Mizukami. For years, Yamamoto and 2-M have partnered to produce some of the industry’s best wet-cleaning products, helping dry-cleaners provide exceptional cleaning worldwide! And it’s all thanks to the Harmony Wet-Cleaning system! Of course, we couldn’t resist a photo-op with Mizukami.

Another surprising meeting we had at the Clean Show was with one of our first customers in the US! Before Yamamoto had a full presence in the North American market, we only had a few customers utilizing our equipment throughout the country. It was incredible to see one of the first buyers of Yamamoto washers and dryers in the US, and exciting to have them visit our booth! In some sense, it felt like Yamamoto NA was coming full circle.

That's a Wrap! Our Thoughts on the 2022 Clean Show

Our Biggest Takeaway

Without hammering the point anymore, the world has gone through a turbulent past few years. As we finally come into a new normal for our society, participating in conventions like the Clean Show has been a positive experience for all involved. After three years of being stuck behind computer screens, the Clean Show allowed us to see industry friends, partners, and clients face-to-face. Throughout the four-day event, you could feel the excitement and anticipation on the show floor. While we look forward to the next Clean Show, it won’t be easy to top the show we just experienced.

Speaking of Next Clean Show…

That’s right; the Clean Show is happening again! Mark your calendars for August 2025 in sunny Orlando, FL! While it might seem like a far bit off, we couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of the next Clean Show. (Plus, it gives us plenty of time to figure out how we will top this year’s booth.)

Everyone at Yamamoto NA is thankful to those who attended the 2022 Clean Show and visited our booth. The conference was over faster than it began, but we can’t wait to do it all over again. See you at the next Clean Show!

Understanding High-Speed Extraction and How It Benefits Your Business

If you’ve spent time reading through Yamamoto NA’s blogs and content, you’ve likely seen the term “high-speed extraction” used more than a few times. In fact, the extraction capability of our industrial washing machines is of incredible importance. So much so that our machines are also called washer extractors, signifying the value of extraction for commercial laundry equipment. So, what exactly is high-speed extraction, and how does it benefit your laundry operations? Allow Yamamoto NA to explain:

What Does Extraction Mean for Commercial Washers?

Extraction is a specific function that only washer extractors can perform. During the extraction process, your washing machine will spin at high speeds. In doing so, centrifugal force removes excess water from the laundry load. If you’ve ever taken a ride on a spinning fair attraction, you’ve likely experienced centrifugal force yourself! As gravity presses on your linen, it pushes all extra moisture and water out from cloth. Unlike traditional washers, only industrial equipment has the capacity, durability and functionality to perform high-speed extractions. Furthermore, the power of your machine’s spin cycle determines the effectiveness of its extraction.

Why Choose Industrial Washer Extractors?

For industries and businesses that manage significant amounts of linen, it makes more sense to include industrial washer extractors as part of standard laundry operations. Not only do washer extractors achieve faster laundry cycles, but they also benefit your bottom line. For example, these are some of the benefits of a washer extractor:

  • Faster Laundry Times – You can expect high-speed extractions to remove nearly 40% of excess moisture left in linens after a wash cycle. Depending on the power and size of your equipment, that percentage can be higher. Suffice to say, less moisture in your linen translates to shorter dry times. And if you’re familiar with standard washers and dryers, you understand how some dry cycles can take up to an hour. A washer extractor can significantly cut dry time, shortening linen cleaning time overall.
  • Greater Load Capacity – Industrial washer extractors are better equipped to manage large load sizes than other washing machines. Due to the need for washers to stay stable during high-speed extractions, parts and equipment are more durable than standard washers. Yamamoto washers, in particular, utilize an oversized bearing and dual soft-mount suspension with heavy-duty shocks and springs. Combined, these features allow Yamamoto machines to handle high-speed extraction of near any load size.
  • Energy Conscience – While running a high-speed extraction takes slightly more power, you’ll save more energy in the long run. Not only do high-speed extractions mean shorter wash cycles, but shorter dry cycles (as previously mentioned). And by reducing the time it takes to clean linen, less energy is used in your washing equipment’s operation. Additionally, your washer extractor’s ability to manage oversized loads means fewer loads per day, further reducing the energy required to run your machines.
  • Money Savings – If there’s one significant concern for most laundry operators, it’s the cost it takes to upkeep machinery. Yamamoto has previously discussed the true cost of ownership for industrial laundry machines, and the same applies to washer extractors. Between the money you save with less energy and the maintenance costs you avoid with high-quality, durable equipment, washer extractors will save you thousands. Money savings alone are worth the investment into industrial washer extractors for many businesses.

Why Choose Yamamoto’s Washer Extractors?

While a washer extractor is the next best step for your business’s laundry operations, finding the right machine is crucial when maximizing your cleaning capabilities. For example, Yamamoto’s industrial washers offer some of the most power, strength and stability of any washer extractor on the market. Not to mention, Yamamoto ensures our machines are affordable for businesses looking to invest in in-house linen washing. Additionally, our machines are backed by our five-year ALL PARTS warranty, alleviating operators’ concerns about potentially expensive repairs. Overall, Yamamoto strives to be a leader in washer extractors and other commercial laundry equipment.

A technician performing maintenance on a Yamamoto Washer Extractor

Call Today

With a greater understanding of washer extractors and high-speed extractions, you now know how Yamamoto’s industrial washing machines can benefit your industry. If interested in washer extractors or any of our commercial cleaning products, call Yamamoto NA today at 866-204-0519. Our main office is located at 507 W Olive St, Bloomington, IL 61701.

The True Cost of Ownership for Industrial Laundry Equipment

If your business is currently weighing the cost-saving benefits of owning industrial laundry equipment or outsourcing laundry services, allow Yamamoto North America to share some insight. While it’s true that purchasing a commercial washing machine(s) can be a significant investment, it’s a decision that could save you thousands of dollars in the long term. In today’s article, Yamamoto NA will go over some of the additional costs associated with owning laundry equipment, how those costs can be lowered, and how Yamamoto machines can save you more.

What You Pay For

Even after purchasing a piece of laundry equipment, there are additional costs for operating and maintaining your machinery. If looking to purchase commercial laundry equipment for your facility, here are some of the costs you should be aware of:

  • Labor – For small businesses, labor costs might not be a major concern, especially if you operate the equipment yourself. However, employees must be paid to operate commercial washers for larger businesses with more laundry machines.
  • Utilities – You must factor your commercial washer usage into utility bill costs. Your washer is likely to draw enough electricity, gas and water to impact your utility bill. Now, if you consider multiple machines for your laundry cleaning needs, the cost for utilities goes up further.
  • Quality – In most cases, the more expensive a piece of machinery, the higher the quality of your equipment. And for most industrial washing machines, this tends to be true. However, with lower quality equipment, you risk the potential for more repair and maintenance fees.
  • Warranties – Ideally, you’ll have a warranty to fall back on if your machine breaks down within a few years of use. However, not all warranties are created equal. Some parts warranties are limited, not covering the most crucial components of your machine. Ultimately, the less comprehensive your warranty is, the more likely you’ll pay for repairs yourself.

How You Can Lower the Cost of Ownership

Labor, utility costs, the quality of components and the extent of your warranty are the major contributing factors to the cost of ownership for an industrial washer. And by purchasing the right washer, you can keep ownership costs low while maximizing your cleaning capabilities.

  • High-Speed Extractions – The best way to reduce labor costs is by reducing your need for labor. And the only way to do so is by increasing the speed and effectiveness of your laundry machines. More often than not, lower-priced washers will feature lower extraction speeds, which means longer wash cycles. By investing in a higher-quality machine with the ability to perform high-speed extractions, you cut down the time needed to operate.
  • Water and Energy Conservation – While some commercial washers and dryers can be a drain on your utilities, other machines are designed with energy and water conservation in mind. Again, you might be required to pay more upfront for a machine that uses fewer resources, but you’ll keep your utility costs within a reasonable margin. And similar to how high-speed extractions reduce the need for labor, shorter washer cycle times mean less energy and water used.
  • Less Repair and Maintenance – Once again, cheaper washing equipment can mean higher operation costs. For example, a machine’s price can be lower if it uses parts and materials of lesser quality. However, the tradeoff is a higher likelihood that machine breakdowns can occur. If you continually cover the repair costs of your laundry equipment, you’ll soon pay more than what a higher-quality machine might have cost.
  • Better Warranties – Finally, finding a machine with as comprehensive a warranty as possible can save you the pain of repair costs should a breakdown occur. As with any warranty, the longer the period and the more parts it covers, the better off you’ll be. However, the chances of finding a decent warranty on cheaper equipment are slim. Manufacturers understand the overall longevity of their machinery. Thus, a cheaper machine will have a less comprehensive warranty, so the manufacturer can avoid paying for your repair.
Front-loading Yamamoto industrial washing machines

How Yamamoto Sets a Higher Standard

By now, you’ve likely noticed the correlation between initial equipment costs and the cost of ownership: higher-priced equipment equals lower cost of ownership, and vice versa. This is where Yamamoto machines differ from our competitors. We strive to offer high speed-extractions, energy and water conservation, high-quality parts, and incredible warranties but still keep the price of our washers lower than what’s standard. With Yamamoto washers, not only do you pay less for our machinery, but you benefit from overall lower costs of ownership.

If interested in our laundry equipment and how we manage to pass more savings to our clients, contact Yamamoto North America today at 866-204-0519. Also, our corporate office is located at 507 W Olive St, Bloomington, IL 61701.

Don’t forget about the Clean Show 2022, coming up at the end of July! We can’t wait to show you some exciting new products from Yamamoto.

Yamamoto at the 2022 Clean Show

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, many of our biggest events have been put on hold due to public health and safety concerns. Now, as there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel, the world of laundering and dry cleaning is raring to go! In a big step towards “normal,” The Clean Show is returning this July, and Yamamoto North America will be there.

What Is It?

The Clean Show is the premier event for the commercial laundering, dry cleaning, and textile service industry. Every year (up to 2019), the Clean Show has been the place to show off the latest and greatest cleaning tech the industry offers. With its return in 2022, the Clean Show will be bigger and better than ever! In 2019 alone, the Clean Show welcomed over 11,000 attendees, with over 450 exhibitors representing 22 countries. The sky’s the limit for what we’ll see at this year’s Clean Show.

Will Yamamoto Be There?

Yes! Yamamoto will be in Atlanta, GA, from July 30 through August 2 to attend the 2022 Clean Show. However, we aren’t only attending, but we’ll be exhibitors ourselves! As one of the laundry industry’s leading cleaning equipment manufacturers, Yamamoto has a new slate of products and machines to show off. Some of what you can expect from Yamamoto include:

  • All WUN Washers
  • All WUD Combo Units
  • FUT Folder (New!)
  • Coin Laundry Equipment (New!)
  • Dryers
  • Roller Ironer

We have some of our most popular machines returning to the showroom floor for you to check out. Additionally, we have new models of our machines available to see and some new product offerings from Yamamoto, such as the FUT Folder and our line of coin laundry equipment.

What Do You Need to Know?

Everything you need at the upcoming 2022 Clean Show can be found by visiting their event page: https://the-clean-show.us.messefrankfurt.com/us/en.html. However, for a quick rundown of the most crucial info, Yamamoto NA can help:

  • The Clean Show will be taking place from July 30 to August 2.
  • This year’s venue will be the Georgia World Congress Center at 285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30313.
  • The first day of the event starts with distributors only from 8 am to 10 am and for attendees from 10 am to 5 pm. The remaining days will take place between 9 am and 5 pm for everyone.
  • Yamamoto NA will be presenting in their biggest booth ever! (1,500 square feet). If you’d like to visit us, our booth number will be #3144.
  • Here is a direct link to the registration page for those interested in attending the Clean Show: https://www.compusystems.com/servlet/ar?evt_uid=199&TrackCode=WEB1.
  • All information regarding COVID-19 Health and Safety protocols can be found here: https://the-clean-show.us.messefrankfurt.com/us/en/planning-preparation.html#venue.

We Can’t Wait to See You There!

We’re only a few months away from the 2022 Clean Show, and the team at Yamamoto NA couldn’t be more excited! If you require new industrial laundry machines for your business, now’s the time to sign up for the Clean Show and check out the latest cleaning equipment tech. Or, if your need for new commercial washers is more urgent, call Yamamoto NA today at 866-204-0519. We look forward to talking to you and meeting you in Atlanta!

Supply Chain Concerns for the Laundry Industry: What Can Be Done?

In last month’s blog, we covered the ongoing labor shortage in the laundry industry and how employers could begin to take matters into their own hands. However, labor isn’t the only concern for the laundry industry. Supply chain issues have become problematic throughout the pandemic, reaching the corners of every industry. As for laundering, textile and hospitality businesses, they’ve been hit especially hard. While Yamamoto doesn’t have the solution to all your supply chain concerns, we can provide helpful advice on best navigating supply issues. First, it helps to understand the source of the problem.

The Source of Supply Chain Troubles

While you can generally blame the pandemic for overall supply chain issues, it gets more specific than that. Moreover, shortages worldwide can be attributed to several factors related to the pandemic. And many of these factors continue to this day, even as we see the light at the end of the “COVID” tunnel.

  • Lockdowns – At the beginning of the pandemic, lockdowns were put into place across the globe. Much of the laundry, textile and hospitality industries had to shut down overnight. Production was halted for linen products and laundry machines, as factories typically “bustling” had to close in lieu of health concerns. And the hospitality industry was impacted even harder, as travel and tourism all but vanished. Now, as the world starts to come back online, production is still struggling to ramp back up to pre-COVID numbers.
  • Shipping – A significant amount of laundry and textile products come from overseas. However, due to lockdowns and the like, many of these products were delayed and got stuck in transit. To this day, the world is still attempting to overcome the challenges of restrictive shipping. And with the wait for necessary laundry and textile products becoming impossibly long, businesses are having difficulty meeting the demands of their industry.
  • Demand – Speaking of product demand, this has partially contributed to the laundry industry’s supply chain woes. As a result of the pandemic, demand for laundry products and services drastically dropped. However, at the beginning of 2021, demand spiked throughout the world! The problem is that the laundry industry has been unable to keep up.
  • Labor Shortages – We already discussed labor shortages in the laundry industry in our previous blog. But, to shortly touch on the matter, every business and industry has been having trouble keeping or attracting new hires. And without trained workers to build our laundry machines, manufacture our linen, or provide service as laundry operators, it’s been a challenging time for the laundry industry.

What Can You Do?

Ideally, as lockdowns are lifted, people get back to work, and vaccines/testing are more widely available, the laundry industry will stabilize. As there will always be a need for clean linen, there will always be a need for laundry products and services! However, as we wait for such stabilization, there are a few things you can do as employers to help manage current supply chain shortages:

  • For Hospitality – As a hotel manager with minimal laundry capabilities, you must reduce your linen requirements. For example, encouraging multi-night stays for guests ensures some linen products can be used for longer before cleaning. Additionally, requiring less linen overall and adjusting your room/bed change policies can help long-term.
  • For Manufacturing Companies – As much of the supply issues begin at the source, textile companies and laundry machine manufacturers (like Yamamoto) have taken steps to improve the work environment for all our employees. You can see some of these steps for yourself by reading our blog on the subject. Overall, it’s a matter of ensuring your company stays compliant with health procedures while incentivizing employees who are afraid to return to work or are thinking about leaving.
  • For Everyone Else – If there’s one major takeaway you should get from this article, it’s the understanding that there will be product delays across the board for the foreseeable future. This means you must begin planning what your business needs much earlier than what is usually standard. With delays in shipping, Yamamoto is seeing equipment being manufactured and delivered in as many as six months out from ordering. While businesses adapt to current global events, the laundry industry must do the same!
Supply Chain Concerns for the Laundry Industry: What Can Be Done?

Call Yamamoto Today

If your business might require industrial washing machines in the near future, be sure to talk with Yamamoto North America today. The earlier you can get your orders in, the better! And, for those invested in the laundry and cleaning industries, Yamamoto NA will have a booth at this year’s Clean Show 2022, presented by Texcare. Information for the trade show is available here or on their website. Yamamoto NA has a lot of exciting new products to show off, so we can’t wait to see you there!

For more info, contact us today at 866-204-0519. Also, our main office is located at 507 W Olive St, Bloomington, IL 61701.