What are the Linen Cleaning Requirements for Healthcare?

What are the Linen Cleaning Requirements for Healthcare?

Yamamoto Washers for Healthcare Facilities

Do you manage the cleaning capabilities for your doctor’s office, hospital, urgent care, or other healthcare facility? If so, you need washing equipment that can meet and exceed the strictest cleaning standards of any industry! However, not just any washing machine will do the trick. Investing in high-quality, high-efficiency, and long-lasting equipment is essential to the success of your healthcare facility. Thankfully, when it comes to selecting the best laundry equipment for healthcare, laundry operators know they can trust Yamamoto North America. We help laundry operators understand the linen cleaning requirements for healthcare and ensure they meet them with our industrial washing machines.

What are the Linen Cleaning Requirements for Healthcare?

Guidelines to Follow

As there is a large volume of dirty linen of all types that must be processed daily by healthcare facilities, laundry operators must ensure they follow all guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC guidelines aim to minimize the spread of potentially harmful bacteria and pathogens, enabling healthcare workers and patients to avoid infections, contamination and sickness. These guidelines detail:

  • Transportation of Dirty Linen – To protect patients and those handling dirty linen, certain precautions must be followed when transporting sheets, hospital gowns, towels, and other soiled laundry. To distinguish contaminated linen from clean, laundry operators must place laundry into bags or other appropriate containers using labels or color coding. These linen products must then be removed from patient’s rooms or surgical areas and brought to the on-premise laundry area for proper washing.
  • Protections for Those Handling Dirty Linen – In addition to how linen must be transported, handlers must abide by specific protections to keep themselves healthy and avoid spreading infection. For example, hand washing stations must be readily available for laundry operators, and personal protective equipment like medical gloves and masks must always be used when handling soiled garments.
  • Keeping Laundry Equipment Maintained – Your facility’s laundry equipment should always be cleaned and properly maintained to avoid any risk of cross-contamination between loads. Before starting a load, laundry operators should check linen and machinery for solids like feces or vomit to remove. Be sure to check all valves and drains, ensuring your equipment is free of any potential contaminants.
  • Abiding By Temperature and Chemical Recommendations – To achieve optimal sanitization and cleanliness, each washer load must be washed under specific conditions. For example, hot-water washing in healthcare facilities is recommended at a temperature of at least 160°F (71°C) for a minimum of 25 minutes per load. Furthermore, be sure your facility only uses approved chemicals and detergents when washing linen. Various disinfectants might be required, depending on how badly soiled linen is.
What are the Linen Cleaning Requirements for Healthcare?

Washing Machines for Healthcare

Of the industries Yamamoto focused on when designing our industrial washing equipment, Healthcare was at the top of our list! Our machines are geared towards medical usage, with plenty of unique preprogrammed wash cycles and detergent options best suited for eliminating harmful bacteria and pathogens. Also, our washers help streamline and simplify aspects of commercial laundering by increasing load size capacities and decreasing the time for wash cycle completion. Best of all, our machines implement green-centric technology, helping your facility waste less water and electricity and reducing utility costs for large industrial washing equipment.

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