Industrial Washers New York

Industrial Washers New York

Equip Your Laundry Facilities with Exceptional Industrial Washers in New York

As the laundry industry grows in New York State, there’s an incredible demand for fast, reliable, high-quality equipment. However, your standard laundry machine manufacturers simply don’t have the materials or technology to provide industrial cleaning facilities with the equipment they need most. Rather, there are few manufacturers of industrial washers for New York and across the country that have the machinery laundry operators require; that’s where Yamamoto North America comes in to help. Call today to learn more about our exceptional industrial washing equipment.

Industrial Washers New York

The Power of Yamamoto Equipment

When it comes to quality, volume, efficiency and affordability, Yamamoto washers can’t be beaten! Yamamoto NA helps design specialized washing equipment that targets the direct cleaning needs of laundry operators across the U.S. Our brand is trusted worldwide, having produced some of the most advanced laundry technology for the last seven decades. With Yamamoto’s high-speed extractors, laundry operators can expect:

  • High-Quality Components – To ensure the longevity and durability of our equipment, we only use the highest quality parts. Our industrial washers have no plastic component, helping our machines avoid constant maintenance that plagues less reliable washers.
  • Greater Volume – Keeping up with productivity quotas and linen cleaning demands can seem impossible without the right equipment. Thankfully, Yamamoto washers come equipped with a dual soft-mount suspension and oversized bearings, enabling operators to maximize load sizes at high speeds with minimal wear and tear to machinery.
  • Leading Efficiency – Yamamoto NA places great value on green-centric designs. To this end, our washers feature technology that helps reduce the amount of water and electricity required to run loads. We help reduce your facility’s environmental footprint while saving on monthly utility bills.
  • The Most Affordable Machines – At Yamamoto, we understand how much of an investment new industrial washers can be. However, your facility can’t operate without them! Rather than waste money on less reliable machines, Yamamoto equipment is affordable, allowing laundry operators to get the linen cleaning support they need without going over budget.
Industrial Washers New York

The Industries We Serve

If there were ever a laundry solution that could seamlessly fit into any industry, it would be Yamamoto NA’s industrial washers for New York State businesses. Our washers are designed with strict cleaning standards in mind, able to meet the needs and functions of the cleanest of organizations. As such, our industrial washing machines are the perfect fit for industries such as:

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Don’t settle for overpriced machinery that can only do half of what you require. Instead, invest in the best industrial washers in New York State, designed and manufactured by Yamamoto North America. To learn more about our industrial washing machines, contact us today at 866-204-0519. Our main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.