Commercial Laundry Equipment New York

Commercial Laundry Equipment New York

Exceptionally Clean Linen Thanks to Yamamoto’s Commercial Laundry Equipment for New York

From hospitals and hotels to large industrial laundry facilities, the linen cleaning needs for industries throughout the Empire State are endless! To keep up, businesses require heavy-duty, state-of-the-art commercial laundry equipment in New York. However, such equipment can be expensive, and finding machines that do everything you need is not always easy. Thankfully, function, versatility and affordability are all available to laundry operators with Yamamoto North America and our line of industrial washing machines.

Commercial Laundry Equipment New York

How Can Yamamoto Washers Help?

Is it necessary to update your current laundry equipment? You’d be surprised! With the latest advancements in linen cleaning technology, older machines are becoming obsolete and less effective. Not to mention, the older your equipment gets, the more likely it is to break down. That’s why there’s never been a better time to invest in Yamamoto equipment! With our washers, you can improve your facility’s:

  • Laundry Cleaning Speed – The more laundry you need to process, the faster you need your equipment to clean. Thanks to high-speed extraction from Yamamoto washers, laundry loads are spun faster, so water is rung out more quickly, and loads can be completed in a fraction of the previous time.
  • Load Capacity – Besides speed, your machines’ capacity will determine how much laundry you can process at once. Every Yamamoto washer features oversized bearings and a dual soft-mount suspension system, allowing our machines to handle oversized loads easily.
  • Energy Efficiency – Unfortunately, older laundry equipment isn’t always the most energy efficient and can cost you significantly in utility costs. Thankfully, Yamamoto washers use minimal electricity and water for each load, reducing your facility’s environmental footprint.
  • Cleaning Quality – The cleaning capabilities of laundry equipment has only improved over the decades. To this end, with steam injection and triple seal protection, you can guarantee the highest-quality clean from Yamamoto washers.
Commercial Laundry Equipment New York

What Industries Use Yamamoto Washers?

The short answer: every industry! Yamamoto’s commercial laundry equipment for New York can fit the linen cleaning needs of any business or facility. Our machines were designed with quality in mind, meant to meet and exceed the cleanliness standards of the industries with the strictest rules and regulations. As such, laundry operators that can benefit the most from using Yamamoto equipment come from industries like:

  • Athletic – Gyms, Sports Facilities, Recreation Centers
  • Industrial – Manufacturing, Industrial Laundry Facilities
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, Doctors’ Offices, Urgent Care Facilities
  • Food and Animal Processing – Meat Packing Facilities, Livestock Farms
  • Hospitality – Hotels, Motels, Resorts

Talk with Our Team

Don’t compromise on the quality of your commercial laundry equipment in New York! Instead, find the best, most efficient, most durable, and most affordable industrial washing machines in the state through Yamamoto North America. To learn more about our equipment or request a quote, call 866-204-0519. Our main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.