Should I Bring Laundry Cleaning In-House?

Should I Bring Laundry Cleaning In-House?

Invest in On-Premise Laundry for Your Facility

If your facility manages a large amount of dirty linen, there’s always a debate about whether you should handle laundry cleaning off-site or use on-site equipment. Both options have their benefits and disadvantages, making deciding what’s best for your facility a challenge. Ultimately, deciding whether to bring laundry cleaning in-house comes down to several major factors: your budget, your linen cleaning capacity, and what extra space your facility has. Yamamoto North America can work with laundry operators wishing to purchase new equipment, helping businesses choose the linen cleaning method that will work best for their facility.

Should I Bring Laundry Cleaning In-House?

The Pros of In-House Laundry Operations

If you wish to take control of your linen cleaning, purchasing specialized laundry equipment is the only way to do so. Thankfully, plenty can be gained when bringing your laundry operations in-house. Examples of some of the advantages of in-house linen cleaning include:

  • Cost-Effectiveness Over Time – The initial purchase of laundry equipment can be a significant investment. However, that investment is well worth the price, as outsourcing laundry services in the long term can far exceed the cost of buying your own equipment.
  • Quality Control – When outsourcing your linen cleaning, you are at the liberty of an outside laundry facility’s standard of cleanliness and hygiene. However, if you wish to maintain higher cleaning standards, only washing your own linen can give you that level of control.
  • Efficiency & Convenience – On-premise laundry operations eliminate the need to transport linens off-site. As a result, dirty linen can be processed more quickly, and laundry schedules are made more flexible.
  • Customization – Each business has unique linen cleaning needs. By managing your laundry in-house, you can customize cleaning methods, cycles, detergents and more to suit the specific types of linen your facility uses most.
Should I Bring Laundry Cleaning In-House?

The Cons of In-House Laundry Operations

As great as having your own laundry equipment can be, there are some potential downsides to managing the entirety of linen cleaning yourself. From space concerns to utility price increases, here are some common issues you run into with in-house laundry operations:

  • Space Requirements – One of the challenges with on-site laundry facilities is the amount of space needed. Not all businesses have the extra square footage to accommodate large industrial washers, dryers, and additional laundry equipment.
  • High Initial Investment – The initial cost of purchasing laundry equipment can sometimes damper plans to create an area for on-premise laundry, even if costs can be recuperated with the investment.
  • More Potential Costs – From maintenance concerns to higher utility fees, additional associated costs come with laundry equipment your facility should budget for ahead of time.
  • Additional Labor – You will need equipment for linen cleaning and the employees to operate said equipment. Professionals must be involved in the laundry process, whether you hire additional labor or dictate additional responsibilities to your employees.

Yamamoto NA Makes the Decision for In-House Laundry Easier

While there are cons to having laundry operations on-premise, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Additionally, by investing in Yamamoto equipment, you avoid or minimize many downsides of managing your facility’s laundry. For example, Yamamoto washers are more affordable than our competitors’ equipment, meaning the initial cost of purchasing machinery won’t be nearly as steep. Additionally, Yamamoto washers use the highest quality components and the latest cleaning technology, meaning you won’t be stuck continually maintaining your equipment. With green-centric technology, you’ll only pay a fraction of the utility costs as you would with similar industrial washers.

If you’re still on the fence about bringing laundry cleaning in-house for your facility, talk with the expert washing equipment manufacturers at Yamamoto North America today! Our team can help you determine what industrial and commercial washers fit your facility and budget restraints best. To find a dealer near you or request a quote, call 866-204-0519. Yamamoto equipment can be found worldwide, with Yamamoto NA serving clients across the United States, Canada and Mexico.