Commercial Laundry Equipment Illinois

Commercial Laundry Equipment Illinois

Make an Update to Your Commercial Laundry Equipment in Illinois

Whether your facility manages large amounts of dirty linen or must process heavily-soiled clothes and equipment, you need commercial laundry equipment in Illinois to meet the task. However, your standard washers and dryers won’t do the trick. That’s why businesses throughout the Midwest turn to Yamamoto North America for their commercial laundry equipment needs. Yamamoto NA produces some of the best industrial washers available, and prices hard to ignore. If interested in updating or adding to your cleaning equipment, call Yamamoto today!

Commercial Laundry Equipment Illinois

Why Change Your Laundry Capabilities?

Numerous industries throughout the U.S. rely on the ability of industrial washers and dryers. And when these machines fail, those industries fall behind in productivity and cleanliness. Thankfully, an update to the latest washers from Yamamoto NA can alleviate your facility’s laundry cleaning concerns. Yamamoto washers help by:

  • Improving Your Facility’s Laundry Capacity – Your standard washer doesn’t have nearly the same capacity and durability as an industrial washing machine. To this end, equipping your facility with Yamamoto washers ensures you have an expanded capacity to process more dirty linen. Yamamoto washers feature oversized bearings and a dual soft-mount suspension system to improve their stability when quickly washing large loads.
  • Helping with Energy Efficiency & Waste – Unfortunately, older washing machines have become less reliable over time. Not to mention, older models of industrial washers aren’t nearly as effective at preserving water and electricity as modern machines. With a Yamamoto washer, you can solve your facility’s energy and water waste issues. Yamamoto equipment uses minimal water during high-speed extractions, also spending less time (and energy) to complete each load.
  • Ensure the Highest Quality of Cleanliness – Not only do standard and industrial washing machines become less efficient as time goes on, but their cleaning quality also lessens. And for a facility like a hospital or a hotel, you can’t compromise on cleanliness! That’s why Yamamoto NA’s machines feature steam injection and triple seal protection to ensure total cleaning and disinfection of your worst-soiled linen products.
Commercial Laundry Equipment Illinois

Where Can Yamamoto Washers Be Used?

Good news; Yamamoto’s commercial laundry equipment in Illinois can be used for any industry! No matter your business’s cleaning needs, our industrial washing machines can meet and exceed your expectations. And if you’re still not convinced, here are some of the industries our machines were specifically designed to meet the high cleanliness standards of:

  • Hospitality
  • Athletic
  • Commercial Laundry Facilities
  • Cleaners and Dry-Cleaning
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial/Manufacturing Facilities
  • Food and Animal Processing
  • And More

Learn More from Yamamoto

Finding the best commercial laundry equipment in Illinois doesn’t have to be complicated! When you purchase industrial washing machines from Yamamoto North America, you know you’re getting the most advanced, durable, and efficient equipment. To learn more about Yamamoto NA and our products or request a quote, call 866-204-0519. Our main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.