Industrial Washing Machines Aberdeen SD

Industrial Washing Machines Aberdeen SD

Count on Yamamoto for Reliable Industrial Washing Machines in Aberdeen SD

In-house laundry management is an excellent step for your business! The ability to wash dirty linen on-site allows for quicker turnarounds, cost-savings, and better quality control. However, before you can bring your laundry operations in-house, you need the best equipment for managing large volumes of dirty linen. Thankfully, Yamamoto North America has you covered with our industrial washing machines for Aberdeen SD businesses.

Industrial Washing Machines Aberdeen SD

Why Use Yamamoto Washers?

While dozens of industrial washers are available from other manufacturers, Yamamoto’s machines continue to outrun and outperform the competition. With capabilities like high-speed extractions, improved stability, steam injection, and more, Yamamoto’s washers can meet the precise needs of your business.

  • High-Speed Extractions
    • When selecting the right industrial washing machines, speed and efficiency are two important factors. The faster your washer can process loads, the more work can be done per day. Furthermore, better efficiency means more significant cost-savings in terms of water and electricity bills. Using Yamamoto washers’ high-speed extraction, loads are spun at maximum speed to squeeze out as much moisture as possible, shortening wash and dry cycles and reducing water and energy usage.
  • Increased Stability
    • Too big a load size can throw off the stability of your washer, damaging internal components and providing a less effective clean for linen. For these reasons, Yamamoto equips our washers with oversized bearings and dual soft-mount suspension systems. These features combined increase the stability of our washers, ensuring they can handle the largest load sizes.
  • Thorough Cleaning & Sanitization
    • Industries like healthcare require cleaning equipment to reach a high cleanliness standard. This is to ensure the health and safety of patients. As such, Yamamoto’s machines are designed to produce the cleanest linen possible. With features like steam injection, triple seal protection, and pre-programmed wash cycles, we make it easy for operators to provide complete sanitization for any linen product.
Industrial Washing Machines Aberdeen SD

Laundry Equipment Suited to Your Needs

In working with dozens of industries over the last seven decades, Yamamoto has continually pushed innovation in the laundry and linen industry to create the best possible washer for all businesses. No matter your industry, you can benefit from the cleaning capabilities of Yamamoto’s industrial washing machines for Aberdeen SD. Examples of the industries that most utilize Yamamoto washers include:

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When your business is ready to invest in the best industrial washing machines in Aberdeen SD, get in touch with the linen cleaning experts at Yamamoto North America today! To learn more about our products or find a distributor near you, call 866-204-0519. Our main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701, serving clients throughout the United States.