Commercial Laundry Equipment Houston TX

Commercial Laundry Equipment Houston TX

The Best Commercial Laundry Equipment Houston TX Businesses Can Find

Can your facility keep up with daily cleaning demands? Are you continually struggling to manage your facility’s laundry needs? Are your present cleaning capabilities lacking? You’re not alone! Countless businesses throughout the Lone Star State are looking for better, more efficient ways to manage linen washing and overall cleanliness. Thankfully, Yamamoto North America has the answer: our top-rated, high-quality, and exceptionally affordable commercial laundry equipment for Houston TX. If you are interested in expertly designed industrial washing machines, call today!

Commercial Laundry Equipment Houston TX

Are Yamamoto Washers Right for Your Business?

Yamamoto washers are engineered to meet the rigorous cleaning demands of various industries. To ensure that our machines deliver the utmost performance tailored to local businesses, we have designed them based on the industries that uphold the highest standards of cleanliness. Factors such as user-friendly operation, load capacity, and cleaning quality were carefully considered when designing our machines for:

  • Food and Animal Processing – Meat Packing Facilities, Livestock Farms
  • Industrial – Manufacturing, Industrial Laundry Facilities
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, Doctors’ Offices, Urgent Care Facilities
  • Hospitality – Hotels, Motels, Resorts
  • Athletic – Gyms, Sports Facilities, Recreation Centers
  • Others – Apartment Complexes, Educational Facilities, Correctional Facilities, Laundromats
Commercial Laundry Equipment Houston TX

What Features Are Included with Yamamoto Machines?

When selecting the best features to equip your new commercial laundry equipment in Houston TX, price must always be considered. But what if the best features for your washer were already included as standard? That’s exactly what you can expect with Yamamoto’s industrial washing machines! While other laundry machine manufacturers will make you pay extra, Yamamoto’s washers include:

  • Oversized bearing with triple seal protection
  • Heavy Duty post and pin style door hinge with stainless steel locking mechanism
  • One-of-a-kind metal housing drain valves with no tools required to access
  • Fully serviceable two-piece brass fill valves
  • Dual soft-mount suspension with heavy-duty shocks and springs
  • Fully programmable, with up to 100 cycles, touch screen control

Trusted Industry Experts

Yamamoto has a rich history of designing and producing industrial cleaning machinery. For over 70 years, our manufacturing and design experts have created incredible, high-quality machines meant to outperform and outlast their competitors. Rather than mass producing our equipment, each washer is crafted piece by piece, promising care and attention went into every detail. Best of all, if you believe our machines will cost you an arm and a leg, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Yamamoto washers are priced affordably and always come with our five-year ALL PARTS warranty.

Invest in the Best

Other commercial laundry equipment for Houston TX can’t compare to the incredible quality, durability, and cleaning capability of Yamamoto’s industrial washers. To learn more about our products or request a quote, call Yamamoto NA today at 866-204-0519. Our U.S. office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.