What is the Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Washers?

What is the Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Washers?

What Laundry Equipment is Best for Your Business?

Finding the right equipment for effective linen cleaning is essential to bring your laundry operations in-house! However, how do you know what’s suitable for your facility? More importantly, what are the types of large washing machines designed specifically for commercial and industrial use? Yamamoto North America can answer that question by explaining the difference between industrial and commercial washers and showing which is best for you, depending on your business or industry. Laundry operators across the United States trust Yamamoto NA for our 70+ years of experience in the linen industry.

What is the Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Washers?

Understanding Commercial Washers

Commercial washers are not the same as domestic washers but share similarities to their “at-home” counterparts. A commercial washer is specifically designed to undergo constant usage and be able to handle large load sizes, especially when compared to domestic products. As such, commercial washers often utilize higher-grade pumps, motors and additional components. Additionally, commercial machines are built to last much longer than standard washers and dryers.

Understanding Industrial Washers

Industrial washers are also significantly more powerful than traditional washing machines, able to clean what would normally take multiple loads in one wash cycle. Additional features like high-speed extraction and steam injection lend to industrial washers’ incredible cleaning and sanitization capabilities, which aren’t typically included in domestic equipment. These machines are also much bigger than traditional washers, requiring significantly more space to set up and operate.

How Do Commercial and Industrial Washers Differ?

For function and capabilities, commercial and industrial washers are nearly identical. Especially considering the washing equipment produced by Yamamoto NA, commercial and industrial washers share many of the same premium features. However, one of the most apparent differences is the machinery’s size.

Commercial washers are smaller, closely resembling domestic washing machines’ dimensions. Because of their size, more machines can fit into a smaller space. Conversely, industrial washers take up a large amount of space. This size difference also means industrial washers can handle even larger loads than commercial washers’ (already impressive) capacity.

What is the Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Washers?

Where Are You Likely to See Commercial and Industrial Washers?

Because of their size and capacity differences, commercial and industrial washing machines are used in different settings. For example, commercial washers are used more in industries where washing equipment is more “forward facing.” Otherwise, industrial machines are seen more for more extensive industrial facilities.

  • Commercial washers excel in businesses with limited space for laundry operations, or laundry operators are the customers themselves! As such, athletic centers, schools, apartment complexes, dry cleaners, etc., all prefer commercial washers. Commercial washers are also easier to run, especially for less experienced laundry operators.
  • Because they need more space to operate, industrial washers are often located in manufacturing and industrial facilities. Large laundry operations (where you might outsource linen cleaning) use industrial washers, and many businesses in hospitality and healthcare also use industrial machines to keep up with demand.

Find the Best Commercial and Industrial Washers with Yamamoto

Whether a commercial or industrial washer would better fit your business, ensure your equipment is of the highest quality when selecting washers from Yamamoto NA. With exceptional materials, advanced components, and green-centric technology, there’s no denying the excellence of Yamamoto washers. To learn more about our products or request a quote, call 309-827-4303. Yamamoto NA’s main office is located at 507 W Olive St, Bloomington, IL 61701.