What are the Types of Laundries?

What are the Types of Laundries?

How Does Your Facility Match Up?

Although there is a linen cleaning industry, there are different types of laundries across all businesses and industries. By understanding these laundries, you can better select the washing equipment and machinery that best works with your facility and meets your linen cleaning expectations. Allow Yamamoto North America to be your guide and pair you with equipment with capabilities and features that match your facility’s needs.

What are the Types of Laundries?

Small Laundromats

Small laundromats, often found within residential communities, cater primarily to individuals and families who do not possess laundry appliances. These facilities provide affordability and convenience, offering a range of washing and drying machines geared towards smaller, personal loads of laundry rather than industrial or bulk cleaning. The equipment in small laundromats must be durable enough to handle frequent use throughout the day yet efficient to ensure a quick turnaround for customers. This category of laundries emphasizes self-service, allowing customers to manage their laundry tasks independently at a time that suits their schedule.

Medium Commercial Laundries

Rather than being personal laundry facilities, medium commercial laundries are often part of small to medium businesses in hospitality, healthcare, athletics, and manufacturing. The equipment utilized in medium commercial laundries is designed to handle larger loads and offer a variety of washing and drying cycles that can cater to the specific needs of different textiles and linens. This laundry category is unique, as it enables businesses to manage their laundry operations, helping industries adhere to stricter hygiene and sanitization standards.

What are the Types of Laundries?

Industrial Laundries

Industrial laundries involve facilities dedicated to linen cleaning, making use of the largest washing equipment. Suppose a business cannot manage its laundry operations due to time constraints, space availability, or other factors; instead, it relies on industrial laundries. These facilities are equipped with high-capacity, industrial-grade machinery designed to efficiently process vast amounts of laundry. Industrial laundries prioritize durability, efficiency, and the ability to maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation across massive volumes of textiles. Due to the sheer volume of linens processed, industrial laundries also often incorporate sustainable practices and water recycling systems to minimize their environmental footprint.

Equipment for All Laundries

No matter the current status of your business’s laundry capabilities, or lack thereof, Yamamoto NA can provide the necessary equipment to support a successful linen cleaning operation. From commercial and industrial washers to combination machines and finishing equipment, Yamamoto designs and manufactures a wide range of products for any size and type of industry. Our machines offer laundry operators convenience and automation not easily achieved by standard washing equipment. Some of what you can expect include:

  • Superior cleaning quality
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Mult-weight loading
  • Automated cleaning programs
  • Easy-to-clean drain filter
  • Eco-friendly technology
  • High-performance air ride suspension
  • And more

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With a better understanding of the different types of laundries, you can now find commercial and industrial washing equipment best suited to your facility’s laundry needs. Thankfully, Yamamoto equipment provides everything you need to run a successful laundry operation. To learn more about Yamamoto North America and our affordable, high-quality washing equipment, call 866-204-0519. Yamamoto equipment can be found worldwide, with Yamamoto NA serving clients across the United States, Canada and Mexico.