Understanding High-Speed Extraction and How It Benefits Your Business


Understanding High-Speed Extraction and How It Benefits Your Business

Understanding High-Speed Extraction and How It Benefits Your Business

If you’ve spent time reading through Yamamoto NA’s blogs and content, you’ve likely seen the term “high-speed extraction” used more than a few times. In fact, the extraction capability of our industrial washing machines is of incredible importance. So much so that our machines are also called washer extractors, signifying the value of extraction for commercial laundry equipment. So, what exactly is high-speed extraction, and how does it benefit your laundry operations? Allow Yamamoto NA to explain:

What Does Extraction Mean for Commercial Washers?

Extraction is a specific function that only washer extractors can perform. During the extraction process, your washing machine will spin at high speeds. In doing so, centrifugal force removes excess water from the laundry load. If you’ve ever taken a ride on a spinning fair attraction, you’ve likely experienced centrifugal force yourself! As gravity presses on your linen, it pushes all extra moisture and water out from cloth. Unlike traditional washers, only industrial equipment has the capacity, durability and functionality to perform high-speed extractions. Furthermore, the power of your machine’s spin cycle determines the effectiveness of its extraction.

Why Choose Industrial Washer Extractors?

For industries and businesses that manage significant amounts of linen, it makes more sense to include industrial washer extractors as part of standard laundry operations. Not only do washer extractors achieve faster laundry cycles, but they also benefit your bottom line. For example, these are some of the benefits of a washer extractor:

  • Faster Laundry Times – You can expect high-speed extractions to remove nearly 40% of excess moisture left in linens after a wash cycle. Depending on the power and size of your equipment, that percentage can be higher. Suffice to say, less moisture in your linen translates to shorter dry times. And if you’re familiar with standard washers and dryers, you understand how some dry cycles can take up to an hour. A washer extractor can significantly cut dry time, shortening linen cleaning time overall.
  • Greater Load Capacity – Industrial washer extractors are better equipped to manage large load sizes than other washing machines. Due to the need for washers to stay stable during high-speed extractions, parts and equipment are more durable than standard washers. Yamamoto washers, in particular, utilize an oversized bearing and dual soft-mount suspension with heavy-duty shocks and springs. Combined, these features allow Yamamoto machines to handle high-speed extraction of near any load size.
  • Energy Conscience – While running a high-speed extraction takes slightly more power, you’ll save more energy in the long run. Not only do high-speed extractions mean shorter wash cycles, but shorter dry cycles (as previously mentioned). And by reducing the time it takes to clean linen, less energy is used in your washing equipment’s operation. Additionally, your washer extractor’s ability to manage oversized loads means fewer loads per day, further reducing the energy required to run your machines.
  • Money Savings – If there’s one significant concern for most laundry operators, it’s the cost it takes to upkeep machinery. Yamamoto has previously discussed the true cost of ownership for industrial laundry machines, and the same applies to washer extractors. Between the money you save with less energy and the maintenance costs you avoid with high-quality, durable equipment, washer extractors will save you thousands. Money savings alone are worth the investment into industrial washer extractors for many businesses.

Why Choose Yamamoto’s Washer Extractors?

While a washer extractor is the next best step for your business’s laundry operations, finding the right machine is crucial when maximizing your cleaning capabilities. For example, Yamamoto’s industrial washers offer some of the most power, strength and stability of any washer extractor on the market. Not to mention, Yamamoto ensures our machines are affordable for businesses looking to invest in in-house linen washing. Additionally, our machines are backed by our five-year ALL PARTS warranty, alleviating operators’ concerns about potentially expensive repairs. Overall, Yamamoto strives to be a leader in washer extractors and other commercial laundry equipment.

A technician performing maintenance on a Yamamoto Washer Extractor

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