Industrial Washing Machines Grand Forks ND

Industrial Washing Machines Grand Forks ND

In-House Laundry Operations Thanks to Industrial Washing Machines in Grand Forks ND

If your facility’s management of dirty linen has your business bogged down, it’s time to consider an update to your laundry operations! Your first option is outsourcing your linen cleaning, which can be expensive, with numerous time constraints and minimal quality control. Another alternative is an investment in industrial washing machines in Grand Forks ND. With affordable and high-quality equipment developed by Yamamoto North America, you can maximize your business’s cleaning capabilities.

Industrial Washing Machines Grand Forks ND

Why Choose Yamamoto Washers?

Yamamoto washers stand out among hundreds of models and brands of commercial and industrial washing machines. Our machines utilize the most advanced features and components to ensure laundry operations are fast, efficient and easy to manage.

  • Increased Stability for Oversized Loads
    • Many industrial washers and commercial machines have trouble managing laundry loads past a specific size. However, for companies cleaning large volumes of linen or heavier linen materials, the stability of your machine is essential. Thus, Yamamoto designed our washers with oversized bearings and dual soft-mount suspension systems. These features combined allow our machines to handle any load size, no matter how large or small.
  • Greater Cleaning Potential
    • Some businesses require laundry machines that meet a higher cleanliness standard than regular commercial washers. Facilities like hospitals must consider the health and safety of patients when cleaning linen. Or, factories and manufacturing facilities require heavy-duty cleaning for more demanding wash jobs. Thankfully, Yamamoto washers can meet your business’s needs, using triple seal protection and steam injection to maximize cleaning and sanitization.
  • Faster and More Efficient
    • One feature that isn’t available with every washing machine is high-speed extraction. High-speed extraction is the process of spinning laundry loads at maximum speed to separate the most moisture from cloth. In doing so, linen is cleaned faster, dry time is reduced, and less water and energy are used per load. Yamamoto washers utilize high-quality components and materials to negate the stress that high-speed extractions can place on equipment.
Industrial Washing Machines Grand Forks ND

A Washer for Your Industry

Although some businesses can utilize washers more than others, Yamamoto’s machines are designed to meet the cleaning needs of any industry. For 70-plus years, Yamamoto has refined our machines and continually pushes the envelope for what modern cleaning equipment can achieve. Taking cues from the industries with the highest cleanliness standards, our washers are manufactured to be the fastest, most efficient, and most durable on the market. Some of those industries include:

Talk with Our Team

Discover the incredible cleaning power of Yamamoto’s industrial washing machines for Grand Forks ND! To learn more about Yamamoto North America’s cleaning equipment or find a distributor near you, contact us today at 866-204-0519. Our main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701, serving clients throughout the United States.