Industrial Washing Machines Alabama

Industrial Washing Machines Alabama

Where Can You Find Industrial Washing Machines for Alabama?

Depending on your business or industry, dirty linen might be something your facility contends daily. As such, you require the proper cleaning equipment to manage significant laundry loads, and standard commercial washers can’t cut it! Even when looking at industrial washing machines for Alabama, finding machines that are within budget and do everything you need can be problematic. Thankfully, Yamamoto North America has the solution with our durable, efficient, long-lasting, affordable industrial washers.

Industrial Washing Machines Alabama

Speed, Capacity and Cleanliness

The three primary factors that impact a business’s laundry cleaning capabilities are your washers’ speed, capacity, and cleanliness. These aspects affect your facility’s productivity and cleaning quality and are easily managed by Yamamoto’s washing machines.

  • Speed– The faster you can process dirty linen, the better! To this end, Yamamoto’s washers can run high-speed extractions for washer cycles. A high-speed extraction allows your washer to extract more moisture from linen within a shorter period. Ultimately, high-speed extraction can significantly cut down the time it takes to wash and dry linen, speeding up your facility’s linen cleaning process.
  • Capacity– In addition to high-speed extractions, being able to load more into your machines can further alleviate productivity concerns. Thus, Yamamoto washers are designed using oversized bearings and a soft-mount suspension system. These systems work together to stabilize your machine during operation, helping it run efficiently at all speeds and with load sizes, large or small.
  • Cleanliness– It’s most important for your washer to wash linen at the cleaning standard your industry strives to uphold. Hospitals and hotels, for example, are always trying to adhere to a higher cleaning standard. And with Yamamoto washers, you can be confident you’re always reaching the highest cleanliness levels. Our machines use pre-programmed wash cycles, steam injection, and triple seal protection to maximize the cleaning and sanitization of every load.
Industrial Washing Machines Alabama

Who Can Use a Yamamoto Washer?

The short answer: anyone! Yamamoto designed our industrial washing machines for Alabama with every industry’s cleaning needs in mind. However, certain industries produce more dirty linen than others, meaning they can especially benefit from an investment in Yamamoto’s top-rated equipment. Examples of these industries include:

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