Industrial Washing Machine

Industrial Washing Machine

Industrial Washing Machine

Industrial Washing Machine

The Industrial Washing Machine You Need for Efficiency

Are you looking for greater efficiency for your hospital, laundromat, correctional facility, gym or hotel? We have the solution. Here at Yamamoto North America, we can supply you with the industrial washing machine you need to fuel your business. You don’t have time for slow machines and cumbersome operations. You need something more streamlined and efficient, like our Yamamoto Equipment – a suite of comprehensive laundry products that includes industrial washing machines, dryers, folders, ironers, etc. We are proud to have revolutionized the laundry industry with our extremely energy efficient, cost-effective professional cleaning solutions that revolutionized the standard of quality. When you need a dependable, fast, heavy-duty industrial washing machine that can handle all your biggest loads, lean on Yamamoto North America.

In short, our products are designed for rigorous, intensive, daily use, whereby you can get an all in one, quick washing and drying solution.

Benefits of the Harmony Cleaning System

There are many benefits associated with our equipment:

  • Superior Cleaning Quality
  • Automated Cleaning Programs
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • Eco-Friendly Green Technology
  • Dry-to-Dry Cycle Options
  • Multi Weight Loading
  • Global Settings
  • 100 – Formula Capacity
  • 10 Water Level Options
  • Standard Steam Injection
  • 8 Chemical Ports
  • Easy-to-Clean Drain Filter
  • Dual Soft-mount Suspension with Heavy Duty Shocks and Springs

Did you know our Yamamoto Equipment requires little to no maintenance compared with traditional cleaning systems? An industrial setting can many times be the most abusive environment for machinery. The long hours of constant use with commonly over packed loads can quickly cause strain on some of the toughest equipment. However, Yamamoto is truly built to withstand the test. The parts that face the highest levels of stress i.e. bearing housing, fill valves, drain valve, suspension system, and controls are exactly what help separate our equipment from other options. 

Effective and Ecological Alternatives

Our effective and durable alternative solution creates a laundering process that is easy to implement and use daily – no matter what industry you’re in. Our industrial washing machines optimize efficiency, saving you time, labor, and space within your hotel, laundromat or correctional facility.

Fact: With our washing machines, we have saved operators countless dollars spent in expensive repairs on young machines that they trusted buying because they’ve “always bought that brand”.

Because the Yamamoto has been around since the 1940’s, we have become leaders in the industrial laundry equipment industry, offering a seamless solution from start to finish. Indeed, our products incorporate innovative computer-controlled industrial washing machines, as well as dryers and more.

Designed for heavy use and constructed with the highest quality parts, little maintenance is required on your part, which enhances your business’s efficiency and profitability. We hold ourselves to higher standards, coupled with strong attention to detail, to develop one of the most comprehensive, automated cleaning systems on the market today.

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