How to Address Labor Shortage Concerns in the Laundries Industries


How to Address Labor Shortage Concerns in the Laundries Industries

How to Address Labor Shortage Concerns in the Laundries Industries

One of the many consequences of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as many employers are quick to mention, is a severe labor shortage. And while this labor shortage can be attributed to numerous factors, the fact remains: businesses are having a challenging time attracting new hires. Nowhere has this labor shortage become more evident than in the laundries industries.

Keeping and hiring new employees has been so difficult for some, hotel managers have resorted to washing towels and linen at home! However, there are ways that employers can address the labor shortage and keep up with the laundry demands of their business. Allow Yamamoto North America to provide you with a few ideas that you might find helpful in dealing with the lack of new hires and employee turnover.

Making Improvements to Onboarding

If your company can find the people to support your labor needs but has a high rate of turnover, an assessment of onboarding procedures and initial training might be the solution. Like in any industry, employees who feel overwhelmed from the outset of a new job are less likely to stick with it. Thus, it can be challenging to keep employees from quitting or finding other employment.

To combat this scenario, employers and companies can improve their onboarding procedures. By taking more time to train your employees, ensuring they have management support, and giving access to tools and procedures meant to simplify the laundering process, you can bolster new hires’ confidence. Additionally, fostering an environment of teamwork can help employees connect with those they work with and discourage them from outright leaving a position.

Additional Employee Incentives

Some employers looking to attract more employees have found success in offering additional incentives for new hires. Sign-on bonuses are an excellent tool and ensure you can bring in more applications. However, a sign-on bonus doesn’t necessarily help with employee retention. Instead, you could consider increased pay or retention bonuses for employees willing to stay with your company. Other common incentives include health insurance, referral programs for hiring, bonuses, vacation offerings, and more.

Of course, we understand employee incentives are only a viable option if your company has the capital to spare. And not only are the laundries industries facing labor shortages, but rising energy costs and loss of business can further confound your daily operations. Employee incentives, while effective, are only viable if your business can comfortably absorb the cost.

Introduce New Technology

New Industrial Washing Machines from Yamamoto

If all else fails and your company continues to suffer due to labor shortages, it might be time to consider long-term solutions to your labor woes. Rather than focus on hiring and retaining more employees, you might consider ways to improve your laundry facility productivity through the use of less labor. And in today’s modern age, the latest laundry technology may hold the key to streamlining your laundry process.

Yamamoto Industrial Washing Machines

Yamamoto North America’s line of industrial washing machines is the most advanced equipment available to today’s laundry industries. Our machines were designed not only to make laundering simple for businesses but to reduce your need for as many laundry operators. For example, our machines feature:

  • Oversized Load Management – With our machine’s oversized bearing and dual soft-mount suspension, they can handle large load sizes while providing excellent cleaning and sanitization. And larger loads lessen the need for more machines, thus requiring fewer laundry operators.
  • Advanced Tech – Each washing machine features touch controls and over 100 pre-programed cycles. For laundry operators, it means our equipment is quick and easy to run. In response, your employees won’t feel overwhelmed and will learn how to operate a machine faster than ever.
  • WUD Machines – Unique to Yamamoto NA, we offer our line of WUD washers. This line of washing machines takes the laundering process of washing and drying linen and combines them into one machine. Doing so requires less work from laundry operators and allows for quicker load washing (and drying).
  • Affordability – Yamamoto NA understands that companies can only invest in new washing technology if they have the income to support it. As is the same with employee incentives, not every business can support an upgrade in machinery. However, where Yamamoto differs from other commercial laundry equipment manufacturers, we offer high-quality machinery for more affordable prices. We believe any industry with laundry washing needs deserves to have powerful equipment to support its cleaning capacity.

Talk with Our Team

As the world begins to overcome the worst of the pandemic, we hope that labor shortages will soon be a thing of the past. However, to protect your business in the long term, you should consider implementing changes, incentives or upgrades to your laundering process. And with help from Yamamoto North America, we can provide you with options to combat labor shortages. To learn more about our products, contact us today at 866-204-0519. Also, our main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.