Industrial Washing Machines Illinois

Industrial Washing Machines Illinois

Secure the Most Reliable Industrial Washing Machines for Illinois Businesses

Whether you’re running a hospital or own a “bed-and-breakfast,” the laundry needs of numerous industries are too great to ignore. And depending on your business, standard washing machines are less likely to meet the needs and standards set by your industry. Thus, it’s essential to find the most reliable, effective, and long-lasting cleaning equipment on the market. And luckily for business owners, Yamamoto North America offers the best industrial washing machines in Illinois.

Industrial Washing Machines Illinois

What Our Machines Offer

Yamamoto washers are built tough to outlast anything our competitors put out. Moreover, when it comes to special features for our machines, our standard models are already equipped with the latest tech and use the highest quality materials. As such, from our industrial washing machines in Illinois you can expect:

  • High Load Capacity – Our machines utilize an oversized bearing and dual soft-mount suspension to best support any load size. With the increased laundry needs of most industries, we look to accommodate a business’s washing capability with the handling of oversized loads. Furthermore, the machine’s systems ensure minimal wear and tear from high-speed extractions.
  • Easier Usage – You’d think you would need a background in mechanics to repair or maintain typical industrial washers. Conversely, we help make it easy for anyone to operate and perform upkeep on our washers. Each washer uses industrial-grade fill valves and a full metal cast drain valve, helping avoid downtime and costly repairs. Furthermore, these valves are easy to clean out, not requiring special tools or training to access.
  • Greater Efficiency – Not only are our standard industrial washers highly efficient, with triple seal protection helping them reach optimal performance, but our WUD line offers the greatest efficiency of all our washer models. The WUD machine is unique in that you can process units within one machine and never have to switch the load. Making the laundering process a “one-step action” helps save time and labor costs.
Industrial Washing Machines Illinois

The Yamamoto Advantage

Yamamoto North America looks to meet the needs of every industry with our line of commercial washing equipment. Every piece of machinery we sell is designed and built with Japanese ingenuity in mind. Additionally, we are so confident in the longevity of our washers, our machines are backed by our five-year ALL PARTS warranty. We give you peace of mind knowing that every aspect of our machines is “built to last.”

Call Today

If interested in how industrial washing machines in Illinois can improve the cleanliness of your facility, be sure to talk with the commercial laundry experts at Yamamoto North America. You can call us today at 309-827-4303. Also, our main office is located at 507 W Olive St, Bloomington, IL 61701.