Commercial Washer

Commercial Washer

Commercial Washer

Commercial Washer

In Need of a Commercial Washer?

Look no further than Yamamoto North America, where we manufacture and sell comprehensive laundry products – including washers. Our products are designed for use by a variety of clients. We mainly offer our services to businesses such as hotels, correctional facilities, hospitals, fitness centers and more. Our commercial washers are part of our equipment line that has revolutionized the washing and drying industry. It’s a more durable, cost-effective professional cleaning solution that replaces traditional brands that are working towards planned obsolescence. With our products, you get all the benefits of the most expensive machines with the guarantee of a longer life span.

So, if you require a commercial washer for your business, we can supply the proven products that can get the job done. That’s because our commercial washers are designed for rigorous, intensive use – something that’s a must for your facility. You can’t afford to waste time waiting for your linens, bedding and towels to be washed by using the same old equipment that seems to always be undergoing maintenance. Get an all in one, quick washing and drying solution with us.

4 Reasons to Ramp Up Your Commercial Washer

With an easy to use, reliable commercial washer on your premises, you can maximize your needs while keeping your costs lower and efficiency up. Rest assured, Yamamoto stands by each commercial washer we sell with a five-year ALL PARTS warranty. It’s time you got on board with a better solution that can help boost your bottom line.

Check out these four reasons to ramp up your commercial washer capabilities.

  1. Energy Savings: Cut back on your environmental footprint while saving money on utility costs. Why? Newer equipment will use less electricity and water to get a better clean. While you may pay a higher initial price, you will more than earn that money back over time thanks to significant cost savings. (Not to mention the savings from lower maintenance)
  2. More Efficient Operation: With enhanced efficiency due to more precise customization of wash cycles and higher g-force extraction, you will also enjoy reduced energy usage and better traffic flow patterns. The more efficient your operations are, the less spending in over-all processing costs.
  3. Longer Lifetime: Many of our competitors have been led to believe that customers just want a good deal. So they’ve dropped purchase pricing with intentions towards planned obsolescence that drives parts prices and availability through the roof. Yamamoto has the opposite approach. We stand by our “Forever Machines” and believe that each unit should operate effectively for over 25 years. We also manufacture almost 100% of our parts in-house to make sure that when the unit does eventually need service, we have the parts you need. Hence the nickname “The Forever Machine”.
  4. Equipment Advancements: Enhance operation with all the new features. Yamamoto equipment comes standard with @touch screen control, state of the art @dual soft-mount suspension, unique @self-servicable drain valve, two piece @industrial brass fill valves, and several other key components that help your machine operate better, faster, and longer than anything else.

Here at Yamamoto, we pride ourselves on building products that can outperform and outlast our competitors at an affordable price.

Contact Yamamoto

If you require a commercial washer for your business, contact us at 866-204-0519 to learn more about what we offer. We are based in Bloomington IL at 205 S. Lee St., and extend our services to the surrounding communities.