Commercial Laundry

Commercial Laundry

Commercial Laundry Solutions

Do you need a commercial laundry solution for your business? You can count on the exceptional products manufactured by Yamamoto North America. We cater to any business owner that requires commercial and industrial strength laundry solutions. These companies include hotels, correctional facilities, hospitals, fitness centers and more. Our commercial laundry products are energy-efficient, cost-effective professional cleaning solutions that are built with unmatched durability.

Commercial Laundry

With a combination of precise Japanese manufacturing standards and the highest quality of materials Yamamoto North America is known for selling “The Forever Machine”. Built to last longer than any of our competitors the Yamamoto equipment has earned the name for two reasons.

  1. The units unique design helps prevent early ware typically found in units that are installed in harsh work environments. The triple sealed and permanently lubricated bearing housing is one of a kind and built to last nearly twice the length of most competitors.
  2. Since Yamamoto manufactures over 95% of the parts used on the machine in-house we can assure operators that for as long as the machine is running they can continue to get parts when necessary. (Most other manufacturers discontinue certain parts after 10-15 years…)
Commercial Laundry

Why Upgrade Your Commercial Laundry System?

First off, our easy to use, reliable commercial laundry products produce consistent results as we have revolutionized the way we build each machine to maximize our clients’ bulk laundry needs. We stand by each industrial laundry machine with a five-year ALL PARTS warranty*.

So, if you have been wondering why you should make the investment in a new commercial laundry machine, check out the many benefits of investing in one.

  • Better Efficiency: Get enhanced efficiency with faster cycle times, reduced energy usage and better traffic flow patterns. The more efficient your laundry is, the lower your overhead.
  • Higher Quality: Better quality machines can boost your bottom line and service offerings, as commercial laundry equipment technology is ever-evolving. Incorporating the latest model into your business can significantly improve the quality of your cleaning capabilities, so your facility will run more smoothly.
  • Energy Savings: Reduce your environmental footprint while saving money on utility costs. That’s because newer equipment will use less electricity and water to get a better clean. Yes, you are paying a higher initial price, but you will earn that money back over time with significant savings.
  • Increased Efficiency: Quicker washing and drying times equal less labor usage.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Increase customer satisfaction with better wash quality. Don’t let the reason you have an unhappy hotel guest, hospital patient, or gym member be because the linens weren’t fresh.
  • Appearance: Surprisingly enough, when you have new, shiny equipment on the premises, you convey a sense of cleanliness, quality, and professionalism. In effect, you are boosting your facilities team’s moral and encouraging better work performance.

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If you require a commercial laundry machine for your business, contact us at 866-204-0519 to learn more about what we offer. We are based in Bloomington IL at 205 S. Lee St., serving all of the USA and North America.