What are the Linen Cleaning Requirements for Hotels?

What are the Linen Cleaning Requirements for Hotels?

How Should Your Hotel Facility’s Laundry Be Managed?

If you are part of the hospitality industry, you understand the mountain of dirty linen that one hotel, motel, or resort might deal with on any given day. For especially busy facilities, keeping up with linen cleaning while ensuring all health, safety and cleanliness guidelines are followed can be challenging. Thankfully, Yamamoto North America makes linen cleaning for hospitality easier with our line of high-quality industrial laundry equipment. Call Yamamoto NA today to learn more about how our equipment can assist your facility.

What are the Linen Cleaning Requirements for Hotels?

Best Linen Cleaning Practices for Hospitality

With the amount of dirty linen a hotel can produce, getting through laundry quickly proves essential for all hotel laundry operators. However, it’s just as important to keep yourself safe and laundry separated as to avoid potential contamination of freshly washed sheets, towels, robes, and additional linen products. Here are some recommended guidelines to follow based on linen cleaning advice outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and recommendations made by TRSA:

  • Use carts, bags and vehicles to transport soiled and clean linen products from in-house laundry facilities to rooms, storage or anywhere else, covering the linen during transit.
  • Sort and label linen products, keeping different garment types and colors separate. This ensures you can clean each linen type using preferred settings and avoid issues like color bleeding.
  • Do not shake soiled linen. If you shake a soiled linen product, there is a greater likelihood of spreading potential viruses or contamination in the air and onto other nearby surfaces.
  • Make sure hotel staff are always washing/sanitizing their hands (establish dedicated handwashing stations) and using proper personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc.).
  • Change sheets and bedding in a hotel room between each new guest stay. Additionally, ensure you clean and dry linen quickly and concisely, never leaving wet linen overnight.
  • Utilize approved chemicals and detergents for thoroughly cleaning linen products. Hotel laundry operators use heavy-duty detergents to effectively manage stains while eliminating germs, viruses and contaminants from linen.


What Washers Should Your Facility Invest In?

Yamamoto industrial washers are some of the most durable, efficient, and effective laundry equipment on the market. For over 70 years, Yamamoto has developed incredible linen cleaning solutions that continue to push innovation across the linen and textile industries. Our machines are incredibly versatile, with excellent features most manufacturers only include as “paid extras” for their equipment. Examples of these features include:

What are the Linen Cleaning Requirements for Hotels?
  • Oversized bearing with triple seal protection
  • Heavy Duty post and pin style door hinge with stainless steel locking mechanism
  • One-of-a-kind metal housing drain valves with no tools required to access
  • Fully serviceable two-piece brass fill valves
  • Dual soft-mount suspension with heavy-duty shocks and springs
  • Fully programmable, with up to 100 cycles, touch screen control

Discuss Laundry Solutions with the Yamamoto Team

If your facility struggles to meet the linen cleaning requirements for hotels and businesses in the hospitality industry, ensure you have the equipment to get the job done right. Reach out to Yamamoto North America today to learn how our washers can benefit your hotel or resort. Or, to find a dealer or request a quote, call 866-204-0519. Yamamoto equipment can be found worldwide, with Yamamoto NA serving clients across the United States, Canada and Mexico.