What are the Best Industrial Washer Brands?

What are the Best Industrial Washer Brands?

Which Brands Should Your Facility Invest In?

Besides the industries directly involved in laundry cleaning services, many businesses must utilize washing equipment regularly. From athletic facilities keeping towels clean to hotels and resorts changing out linen for new arriving guests, numerous businesses require an investment in industrial washers. However, what are the best industrial washer brands for your facility? Although Yamamoto North America is inclined to recommend our washers as “the best,” the decision is ultimately the laundry operator’s to make. Here are a few additional industrial and commercial washer brands that compare to Yamamoto’s machinery:

What are the Best Industrial Washer Brands?


UniMac has been a well-known industrial laundry equipment manufacturer for over 60 years, with durable and user-friendly machinery. Their washers are designed to meet the demands of any on-premises laundry environment and encourage reduced water and electricity usage. Additionally, UniMac has developed many technologies unique to its brand, giving its machines an edge in functions like high-speed extractions and digital controls. UniMac equipment can be a significant investment, although they try to make up for what you spend through washer performance and financing options.


If you’ve ever shopped for washers and dryers as an at-home consumer, you’ve likely run across Maytag. Since 1959, Maytag has continued to develop exceptional washer products for individual use and businesses. Often, you can find Maytag machines in many dry cleaners, laundry facilities, student housing, apartment complexes, etc. While you can find energy-efficient, high-performance commercial washers and dryers from Maytag, they lack options for larger industrial laundry operations.


There’s a wealth of experience behind Dexter Laundry and its commercial and industrial laundry products. As a USA-based company, Dexter’s equipment is all built in the United States. Their equipment is designed to fit into numerous industries and utilizes control technology that ensures safe and accurate function. Additionally, Dexter offers excellent warranties and technical support for its washers. Dexter’s commercial equipment connects with specialized management software that allows laundry operators to track the usage of their machines.

What are the Best Industrial Washer Brands?

The Best of Everything for an Affordable Price

While Yamamoto NA can’t deny the quality and capabilities of our competitors’ washers, we can boast the same impressive features and innovative technologies. Also, our equipment is significantly more affordable and intricately designed than products from other laundry machine manufacturers. Our washers showcase incredible features that many washer brands require buyers to pay extra. Additionally, each washer is designed and crafted in-house by our engineering team, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. The advantages of a Yamamoto industrial washer include:

  • High-Quality Parts & Components – As mentioned, Yamamoto products aren’t mass-produced but crafted by our in-house engineers. Every part and piece of tech in Yamamoto machines is made from the highest-quality materials, without a single plastic component. By committing to quality for our machinery, our washers require less maintenance and have longer lifespans than similar machines.
  • Designed with Your Industry in Mind – Every feature included with a Yamamoto washer is deliberate, as we aim to meet and exceed the standards of any industry. No matter your industry’s concerns, from large capacity loads to complete sanitization of linen, Yamamoto washers can achieve these capabilities. Examples of our washer features include oversized bearings and dual soft-mount suspension, steam injection, easy-to-clean drain filters, and more.
  • Green-Centric Tech – As part of Yamamoto’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Yamamoto machinery can achieve superior cleaning quality with a fraction of waste. By designing equipment that reduces water and electricity consumption, decreases the time between washes, and enables large-capacity loads, your facility can save on utility costs while supporting the environment.

Count On Yamamoto!

After researching the best industrial washer brands, many businesses come to the same conclusion: when it comes to quality, efficiency and affordability, Yamamoto North America’s selection of equipment is unmatched. To learn more about our industrial and commercial washers, find a distributor near you, or request a quote, call 866-204-0519. Yamamoto equipment can be found worldwide, with Yamamoto NA serving clients across the United States, Canada and Mexico.