Wet is the New Dry: Wet Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning


Wet is the New Dry: Wet Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning

Wet is the New Dry: Wet Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning

Some linen products simply can’t handle excessive water and machine washing without risk of damage. Items like suits, many dresses, and clothes made of silk, cashmere, suede, polyester, etc., don’t take well to standard cleaning methods. As such, these unique garments and materials require specialized care to ensure their cleanliness. Methods like dry cleaning are often the most effective, as the process doesn’t use water (hence the name). However, recent technology now provides an alternative for washing delicate linen products, which involves water! Known as “wet cleaning,” laundromats and dry cleaners have begun to rely on this sustainable, effective cleaning technique. And for the best wet cleaning technology available, count on Yamamoto and our Harmony Cleaning System.

Not Harmful to the Environment

Wet cleaning shines in its environmental impact, or lack thereof, as it is an exceptionally eco-friendly option in fabric care. It employs the use of water along with biodegradable detergents, ensuring that no harmful residues are released into our ecosystems. Unlike traditional dry cleaning methods, which rely on potent chemicals that can infiltrate our waterways and soil, wet cleaning leaves only a minimal environmental footprint. Moreover, it contributes to protecting biodiversity by preventing the leaching of toxic substances into habitats.

Wet is the New Dry: Wet Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning

Easy On Your Clothes

Wet cleaning’s gentleness on clothes is another aspect that differentiates it from traditional cleaning methods. Many of us have experienced the disappointment of finding a favorite piece of clothing damaged, faded, or prematurely aged due to harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning. Wet cleaning, however, uses water and mild, biodegradable detergents, which are much kinder to fabrics. This gentle process respects the integrity of the cloth, ensuring it retains its shape, color, and texture, thereby extending the life of your garments.

No Color Fading or Ruined Textures

Speaking of preserving the color and texture of fabrics, wet cleaning has the advantage of protecting the condition of your garments. When it comes to color retention, the gentle, water-based wet cleaning process significantly reduces the risk of color fading or bleeding, which is often a common issue with dry cleaning. This means vibrant hues and delicate pastels maintain their original brilliance, even after numerous cleanings. In terms of texture, wet cleaning is a game-changer. Using mild, biodegradable detergents and controlled water temperatures ensures that fabrics retain their softness and flexibility. Wet cleaning delicately lifts stains and dirt without the harsh agitation or high heat that can lead to fabric distortion or damage.

No Unpleasant Chemical Odors

Another noticeable advantage of wet cleaning is the absence of chemical odor on clothes. Unlike dry cleaning, which often leaves a strong, unsettling smell due to perchloroethylene (a common dry cleaning solvent), wet cleaning only uses water and detergents. This ensures that your clothes come out of the wash smelling fresh and clean rather than reeking of harsh chemicals. So, when you opt for wet cleaning, not only are your clothes treated with the utmost care, but they also return to you with a pleasant, natural scent, enhancing your overall wearing experience.

Save Money for Laundry Operators and Consumers

Wet cleaning can also help laundry operators save money! Unlike traditional dry cleaning, which employs expensive, non-reusable chemicals, wet cleaning only uses water and basic soaps/detergents, reducing the overall operating costs. The economic benefits of this method don’t stop at the service provider’s level – they also extend to consumers. Customers often find that wet cleaning services are more affordable than their dry cleaning counterparts. Overall, wet cleaning is a financially sensible linen cleaning option for both businesses and consumers.

Take Advantage of the Harmony Cleaning System

To revolutionize how dry cleaners manage their linen cleaning, Yamamoto NA has led the charge in developing practical, durable, and environmentally friendly laundry equipment. To this end, Yamamoto created the Harmony Cleaning System! Our specialized wet cleaning machines help streamline and maximize the efficiency of garment cleaning for dry cleaners. Thanks to the Harmony Cleaning System, laundry operators can take advantage of features like:

Wet is the New Dry: Wet Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning
  • Flexible, automated wash cycles and programs
  • Simple operation for users of all experience levels
  • Eco-friendly green technology and detergents
  • Exceptional sanitization and cleaning quality
  • Gas or steam-heated
  • Easy-to-clean drains, valves and filters
  • Energy-efficient
  • No hazardous waste
  • Little to no maintenance is required for machine upkeep

Discover the Power of Wet Cleaning!

If your dry cleaning business doesn’t yet utilize wet cleaning as an alternative garment cleaning option, it’s time to invest in the future! Thankfully, with Yamamoto North America, an investment in wet cleaning is well within your facility’s grasp. See everything we have to offer with our Harmony Cleaning System by calling today! Contact Yamamoto NA at 866-204-0519. Our main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.