Ways To Improve Efficiency in Your Dry-Cleaning Business


Ways To Improve Efficiency in Your Dry-Cleaning Business

Ways To Improve Efficiency in Your Dry-Cleaning Business

Running your own dry-cleaning business is no easy feat. There are many factors to consider. The dry- cleaning industry is constantly being challenged to innovate to cope with changing market conditions. Whether people are getting ready for an important job interview or a special occasion, dry cleaners have been part of the preparation for many years. As a dry cleaner, you get to participate in the background of the biggest moments of people’s lives.

Dry cleaning is full of competition, and efficiency is extremely important to the success of a dry-cleaning shop. Check out the top ways to improve efficiency in your dry-cleaning business.

Improve Customer Communications

Customer communication is one of the main pain points for people who leave a dry-cleaning business they were once loyal to. In this digital era there is increased pressure for all businesses, regardless of industry, to communicate more frequently. Here are a few ways you can improve your customer communication and how it can increase your business’ efficiency.

Send Text Reminders

Many people prefer to communicate through text message for their services. Many brands collect customer phone numbers so they can set up an automated system to notify customers when their service is complete.

For dry cleaning, business owners can set up different automated messages to send out, with customer permission, confirming when things are received, cleaned, and ready to be picked up.

Sending out text reminders improve efficiency by speeding up the dry-cleaning process from drop off to pick up. Your customers will know exactly when they can pick up their clothing, freeing up space much faster in your shop.

You can also send out texts when regulars have not brought clothes in recently, reminding them that you have availability and are ready to clean their clothes quickly and proficiently.

Invest in Automation

While nearly every industry is experiencing a rise in labor charges, many facing labor shortages after the pandemic there is no better time to invest in equipment that can virtually pay for itself.

For example, automatic baggers are known to have a high price tag but considering the machine won’t call in sick on a Monday, won’t require an expensive wage/benefits, saves on plastic material costs, accelerates finishing processes, and more, the machine comes with incredible value.

Like automatic baggers, Wet Cleaning comes with a wide range of savings that helps pay for the initial investment in just a short time. We will talk about that later.

Set Realistic Expectations

Another part of efficiency improvement is setting realistic expectations for your company. Analyze what volume your company can successfully handle and adjust its intake to match the ideal goal. As you build a larger customer base, it is important to understand which goals are within reach and which are too lofty. Failing to do this accurately is a recipe for disgruntle employees, poor performance, and the loss of customers.

Much of this is based on your equipment and the size of your shop. If your equipment is not in good working condition or outdated, it is difficult to ensure that your business is efficient. For example, you can’t expect a spotter to keep up if they don’t have the right chemicals to remove stains quickly.

When your intake is higher than your ability, your efficiency decreases because there is backup. Customers may become upset when their clothing takes longer to clean than expected. Create a plan for sustainable growth. One of the best ways to reach goals is to invest in new equipment for your dry-cleaning business.

Invest in the Right Equipment

The right equipment can make all the difference in the way a dry-cleaning business runs. The future of dry cleaning is wet cleaning—believe it or not. Investing in an automated wet cleaning machine for your business can help increase your overall efficiency. The right equipment can change the entire way you dry clean your customers’ clothing.

A Harmony Cleaning System increases efficiency and reduces costs to about one third of the cost of a traditional dry-cleaning system. This lowers your electrical usage and bill which also leads to a more sustainable business environment.

Here are a few benefits of the Harmony Cleaning System for your dry-cleaning business:

  • Eco-friendly technology (No expensive licenses)
  • A better clean (Majority of stains are water based)
  • Lower cost to own (Wet cleaning machines are cheaper to buy AND cheaper to service)
  • No hazardous waste (No waste fees)
  • Easy to clean (Less sorting)
  • Gas or steam to heat (Process loads without ever turning on the boiler)

There are countless benefits to investing in new equipment. It also provides an edge on the competition.

There are many opportunities to find ways to improve efficiency in your dry-cleaning business. Start by setting realistic goals for yourself and investing in your company’s processes. Your business is your passion and investing in the best equipment gives you an edge against the competition and shows customers your dedication to your craft. By investing in wet cleaning equipment, you get to enjoy the future of dry cleaning today. Wet cleaning is the latest and greatest, available to dry cleaners everywhere.

If you are ready to take your dry-cleaning business to the next level in both efficiency and customer satisfaction, contact Yamamoto today. We can help you find the best systems for your business and show you how our products can raise you above the competition.

Ways To Improve Efficiency in Your Dry-Cleaning Business