Practical Ways To Improve Your On-Premises Laundry Room


Practical Ways To Improve Your On-Premises Laundry Room

Practical Ways To Improve Your On-Premises Laundry Room

Every business is looking for the best ways to save money and increase productivity. For many different industries, doing everything to ensure their on-premises laundry is running as efficiently as possible can have enormous benefits for the bottom line. Read on to find practical ways to improve your on-premises laundry room.

Track Your Soap

Keep track of the amount of soap you’re using. Always measure for every load. Most on-premises laundries find they use too much or too little detergent. Failing to measure correctly can reduce machine efficiency, lead to damaged linens, and cost you more when you end up replacing linens and buying additional soap.

Upgrade Your Machines

Swapping out older, unreliable machines with newer, energy-efficient ones can offer many advantages. Energy-efficient devices use much less water than their older counterparts which can bring significant savings on energy costs. They also use more reliable parts, which means less frequent breakdowns and lower repair bills.

Set Down Detailed Procedures

Set up protocols for laundry collection, sorting, and stain removal that your staff can follow effortlessly. The procedures should keep contaminated clothing apart from the rest of the laundry, allow stains to be cleaned promptly, and enhance the room’s order and flow.

Improve Training

Meet with your laundry distributor, who will be able to fully explain the benefits and features of each machine, as well as the best detergents and soaps you should use. Ensure you thoroughly train each employee on the proper practices and procedures they should know. Follow up with them now and then. Having every employee on the same page about your expectations for cleaning will ensure consistent quality every time.

Watch the Scale

Always use a laundry scale to ensure you fill washers and dryers to the proper capacity. This tool will help prevent you from losing time and money if you over or underfill machines. It’s also helpful for keeping track of how much laundry you do on the regular, and you can use them to set goals to enhance profitability.

By using these practical ways to improve your on-premises laundry room, you’ll discover you can wash and dry clothes and linens more effectively and reduce the need for repairs.

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