Mistakes You May Be Making In Your Hotel’s Laundry Room


Mistakes You May Be Making In Your Hotel’s Laundry Room

Mistakes You May Be Making In Your Hotel’s Laundry Room

Hotels are all about the guests. Having on-premise laundry can add tremendously to your guests’ overall experience, but it can also be detrimental if you aren’t running these services efficiently. Here are some mistakes you may be making in your hotel’s laundry room.

Not Regularly Servicing Machines

Cleaning your laundry machines on a regular basis goes a long way. Wiping down their doors, sides, bases, and seals help prevent early wear and tear and keeps your attendants informed about the current state of the machines.

Some machines have small lint filters to prevent dust and debris from tarnishing electrical connections in the power cabinets. Those should be checked, cleaned, and, if necessary, replaced.

The most common service call among any commercial laundry brand stems from clogged valves. Drain valves and fill valves are two of the most frequently triggered mechanisms on laundry equipment. Over time, it’s common for foreign debris to build up and cause flow issues. Some machines, such as Yamamoto, have self-serviceable drain and fill valves to make it easy for attendants to care for their unit. Check with your nearest distributor to see if they carry a brand like that.

Not Using the Proper Cleaning Solutions

It’s essential to use the right amount of chemicals and soaps for your hotel’s on-premises laundry. When it comes to chemical products, workers should follow the proper guidelines outlined when using them. Connect with your industrial chemical and cleaning solution supplier to make sure you follow the correct formulas and appropriately mix everything at the right times. Not following these guidelines can lead to linen damage, product waste, or prevent linens from being adequately washed. Make sure your linens are cleaned constantly; if they aren’t, it will negatively affect the guest experience and even your bottom line.

Not Training Properly

Hotel housekeeping and maintenance staff turnover are typical, which can make training and onboarding difficult. Suppose your workers don’t understand how to operate or process industrial laundry machinery. In that case, they can cause harm to your equipment, increase the costs associated with linen replacement, and affect the laundry machines’ overall effectiveness, consistency, and reliability. Make sure your training is helping your workers become more educated and motivated. You and your staff should recognize problems before they turn into significant issues. Instead, thorough training and awareness can help prevent workplace accidents. The right equipment offers clear descriptions of programs, steps, and alarms to make operating the machine extremely simple.

Using Old and Outdated Machines

Utility and maintenance costs on older machines accumulate rapidly. Older machines can be very harsh on the linens and fabrics your guests will be using, leading to miserable experiences for them. If you find that you’re constantly repairing old and worn-down machines, consider replacing them with more modern ones.

When you need to repair or replace your hotel’s laundry machines, the professionals at Yamamoto are here to help. We have a wide selection of soft-mount washer-extractors, washer-dryer combo units, and other products that are the perfect fit for your laundry facility. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.