Industrial Washing Machines Wisconsin

Industrial Washing Machines Wisconsin

Incredible Cleanliness from Industrial Washing Machines in Wisconsin

Managing numerous large loads of laundry can be an exhausting endeavor for any business owner. And if you don’t have the right equipment for the job, you’re only making the task harder on yourself! Thankfully, incredible durability and thorough cleaning and sanitization are only a call away. At Yamamoto North America, we offer a line of industrial washing machines for Wisconsin, built to meet the needs of any industry. Manage your business’s laundry without hassle when investing in Yamamoto washing machines.

Industrial Washing Machines Wisconsin

Our Washers’ Best Features

Every machine we produce is designed with an eye for Japanese ingenuity. As such, you can be confident in a washer that’s high-quality, strong, and can meet the cleaning needs of your industry. And while other manufacturers make you pay extra for “premium” features, Yamamoto’s machines come with the best features already standard! Some of those features include:

  • Oversized Bearing with Triple Seal Protection – Our machines aren’t only “built to last” but can well outlast anything our competitors can offer. With an oversized bearing and triple seal protection, your washer will continue to operate, and you won’t need to worry about leaks, malfunctions or breakdowns.
  • Dual Soft-Mount Suspension with Heavy-Duty Shocks and Springs – Some washers struggle to handle the large load sizes of the industries they are “supposedly” designed for. Conversely, Yamamoto washers have no such issue. Our dual soft-mount suspension lets our machines safely manage oversized loads and perform high-speed extractions with minimal wear on your equipment.
  • Industrial Grade Fill Valves and a Full Metal Cast Drain Valve – Although the work your industry does might be complicated, the operation of your washer shouldn’t be. Thus, Yamamoto designs our machines with accessibility in mind. Our fill and drain valves minimize potential clogs and breaks while allowing easy access when maintenance is required.
Industrial Washing Machines Wisconsin

Serving Your Industry

Yamamoto North America strives to provide industrial washing machines for any Wisconsin business. To achieve this goal, our machines are designed to meet the highest cleaning standards for near any industry. Whether you own a private laundromat or manage an entire hospital, you’ll find Yamamoto’s machines will always meet and exceed your needs. The industries that most benefit from our washers include:

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See your business’s cleanliness reach new levels with consistent and effective laundry cleaning from Yamamoto’s industrial washing machines in Wisconsin. To learn more about Yamamoto North America’s products, contact us today at 866-204-0519. Also, our main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.