Industrial Washing Machines Minnesota

Industrial Washing Machines Minnesota

Discover the Power of Yamamoto’s Industrial Washing Machines for Minnesota

There’s nothing quite like the design and ingenuity of industrial washing machines in Minnesota built by Yamamoto North America. While other manufacturers sacrifice quality for cost or vice versa, Yamamoto’s machines give you everything your industry needs for an affordable price. Our washers are designed to meet the unique cleaning standards of numerous industries. To discover the power of our industrial washing machines for yourself, give Yamamoto NA a call today!

Industrial Washing Machines Minnesota

Does Your Business Need Industrial Washers?

Truthfully, the functionality of a Yamamoto washer is enough for any business to benefit from it. However, specific industries are more in need of the cleaning capabilities Yamamoto machines provide. For example, the industries that best utilize commercial washers include:

  • Food Processing/Meat Packing – For food processing plants, it’s crucial to keep all aspects of a facility clean to avoid potential food contamination. To this end, Yamamoto’s industrial washers offer highly effective cleaning and sanitization for linens, uniforms and other cloth products.
  • Healthcare – It can seem impossible to meet the high cleanliness standards of the healthcare industry. Thankfully, Yamamoto machines have the durability and capability to clean multiple oversized loads quickly. Thus, we get clean sheets, scrubs and hospital gowns back to your patients and doctors in less time than other industrial washing machines.
  • Hospitality – For hotels or resorts, rooms are continually being cleaned and prepared for the next arriving guests. And with so little time to get rooms ready for their next occupants, hotel owners rely on the speed and efficiency of Yamamoto washers. To further cut down on time and labor, our line of WUD machines manages the cleaning and drying of linens within one load!
  • Additional Industries – As mentioned previously, Yamamoto looks to meet the standards of numerous industries with our line of industrial washers. Whether you need to thoroughly clean equipment for an athletic facility or manage large loads of laundry for a correctional institution, Yamamoto NA has you covered.
Industrial Washing Machines Minnesota

Why Businesses Choose Yamamoto

While there are dozens of options available for industrial washing machines in Minnesota, business owners continually choose Yamamoto. Not only do we equip our washers with the latest premium features, but we offer machines for a price most industries can easily afford. Furthermore, Yamamoto is so confident you’ll love your washer, we offer a five-year ALL PARTS warranty for all our products. Some of our equipment’s best features include:

  • Oversized bearing with triple seal protection
  • Heavy Duty post and pin style door hinge with stainless steel locking mechanism
  • One-of-a-kind metal housing drain valves with no tools required to access
  • Fully serviceable two-piece brass fill valves
  • Dual soft-mount suspension with heavy-duty shocks and springs
  • One of a kind, fully programmable, with up to 100 cycles, touch screen control

Call Today

Do more for your business’s cleaning capabilities when you purchase industrial washing machines in Minnesota from the laundry experts at Yamamoto North America. To learn more about our products, contact us today at 309-827-4303. Also, our main office is located at 507 W Olive St, Bloomington, IL 61701.