Industrial Washing Machines Arkansas

Industrial Washing Machines Arkansas

Discover the Power of Yamamoto’s Industrial Washing Machines in Arkansas

The daily laundry needs of many companies are more involved than you might think. Especially for hospitals, hotels, and facilities that often have dirty linen, having appropriate laundry equipment is essential. Thankfully, Yamamoto North America can help. We supply lines of high-quality, durable, easy-to-operate, and affordable machinery perfect for managing your laundry loads. If interested in the best industrial washing machines for Arkansas, give Yamamoto NA a call!

Industrial Washing Machines Arkansas

Best Industries for Yamamoto Washers

The short answer: every industry can utilize the power of a Yamamoto washer! However, specific industries rely on laundry services more than others. For said industries, we developed our machines to meet business owners’ and facility managers’ precise needs. For example, you’ll get the most use out of Yamamoto machines in industries like:

  • Hospitality – Resorts and hotels must keep up with the demands of guests continually using rooms. As such, washing towels, sheets, robes, and other linen products is an all-day task for many laundry operators in hospitality. Thankfully, Yamamoto washers can manage oversized loads while performing high-speed extractions, ensuring linen is quickly washed and ready.
  • Healthcare – Few industries have more strict cleanliness standards than the healthcare industry, and rightfully so. It’s the job of health professionals to ensure the health and safety of patients. To that end, Yamamoto machines work extra hard to remove all germs and contaminants from hospital laundry. Our washers provide the highest cleanliness levels with triple seal protection and steam injection capabilities.
  • Athletics – From sports complexes to recreation facilities, the athletic industry tracks multiple loads of laundry per day. Towels, uniforms, equipment and more get used consistently, thus requiring quick and efficient cleaning. With Yamamoto’s machines, you can guarantee the removal of all spots and stains from linen, no matter the substance or extent of contamination.
  • Manufacturing – For more “industrial” industries, Yamamoto’s washing machines are the perfect fit. You can purchase the largest, most durable of our machines to keep up with the constant wear and tear of manufacturing plants, food processing facilities, factory floors, and other industrial businesses.
  • Other Industries – Multiple businesses and industries can benefit from the features of Yamamoto industrial washing machines in Arkansas. For example, we’ve provided washing machines for laundromats, correctional facilities, educational facilities, apartment complexes, and more.
Industrial Washing Machines Arkansas

The Features You Can Expect

When it comes to the design of our washers, Yamamoto is continually striving to create machines that outlast and outperform what our competitors offer. As such, you’ll find what might be considered a “premium” feature from some washer manufacturers is a standard feature for Yamamoto! And to further instill confidence in Yamamoto laundry operators, all our machines come with a five-year ALL PARTS warranty. Our machines’ features include:

  • Oversized bearing with triple seal protection
  • Heavy Duty post and pin style door hinge with stainless steel locking mechanism
  • One-of-a-kind metal housing drain valves with no tools required to access
  • Fully serviceable two-piece brass fill valves
  • Dual soft-mount suspension with heavy-duty shocks and springs
  • Fully programmable, with up to 100 cycles, touch screen control

Talk with Our Team

Experience the power and convenience of Yamamoto North America’s washers for yourself! If on the search for the best industrial washing machines in Arkansas, look no further than Yamamoto NA. Learn more about our equipment by calling 866-204-0519. Our main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.