Industrial Washers California

Industrial Washers California

Support Your Laundry Operations with the Best Industrial Washers in California

There’s no denying the need for high-quality cleaning equipment for laundry operators. After all, it’s becoming more challenging to keep up with the constant influx of dirty linen produced daily! Thankfully, the latest laundry cleaning tech is designed with increased productivity in mind. Additionally, when selecting industrial washers in California, Yamamoto North America has become the trusted brand for the best, most affordable equipment. If you want to update your facility’s linen cleaning capabilities, call Yamamoto NA today.

Industrial Washers California

Why Do Operators Prefer Yamamoto Equipment?

While there are plenty of options for laundry operators looking for new machinery, it’s hard to beat the products Yamamoto NA offers. Not only do we design our equipment using the highest quality materials, but we also offer our machinery for significantly more affordable prices! When you can get the best industrial washers for the lowest price, why would you choose anything else? As such, some of the advantages of purchasing a Yamamoto washer include:

  • The Best Parts and Components
    • When we say our machines are made with the highest quality materials, we aren’t kidding! There’s not a single plastic part or component to be found in a Yamamoto washer. We carefully assemble each washer and provide a five-year ALL PARTS warranty for the rare instances where a Yamamoto machine breaks down. Best of all, the quality components of our washers help operators avoid otherwise expensive repairs and maintenance.
  • The Ability to Increase Productivity
    • With linen cleaning demands increasing, productivity is a concern of every laundry operator. However, hiring new operators isn’t always the best solution, and you don’t want to run your machines ragged trying to keep up. Thankfully, Yamamoto washers enable facilities to handle large loads and greater speeds. With a dual soft-mount suspension and oversized bearings, our machines stay stable while processing oversized loads.
  • Increased Efficiency and Green Technology
    • Yamamoto equipment is all designed with energy and water conservation in mind. By incorporating green-centric technology into our washers, we enable laundry facilities to increase and improve their laundry operations with reduced waste. For environmental concerns, our machines’ efficiency helps reduce your business’s environmental footprint. Financially, you will save more on monthly utility bills.
Industrial Washers California

The Perfect Fit for Your Industry

Another reason why laundry operators prefer Yamamoto industrial washers in California is their incredible versatility. Our machines are designed to meet the most rigid cleaning standards of some of the Golden State’s messiest industries. Whether you run an apartment complex or a large commercial laundry facility, Yamamoto washers are always the perfect fit! Here are a few of the industries that most benefit from Yamamoto’s equipment:

Talk with Our Team

Finding the best, most affordable industrial washers in California doesn’t have to be complicated! With exceptional washing equipment designed and manufactured by Yamamoto North America, laundry operators can maximize their facilities’ linen cleaning potential. To learn more about Yamamoto NA products or request a quote, call 866-204-0519. Yamamoto NA’s main office is located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.