Industrial Washers and Dryers Bloomington IL

Industrial Washers and Dryers Bloomington IL

Industrial Washers and Dryers in Bloomington IL Can Boost Your Business

Are you looking for the next big “hack” to help your business continue to grow? While we don’t have some sure-fire finance strategy for you to invest in, we do offer something else: industrial washers and dryers for Bloomington IL. If used in the right industries, Yamamoto North America’s washing equipment can set your business in a positive direction.

Industrial Washers and Dryers Bloomington IL

Designed and manufactured in Hiroshima, Japan, Yamamoto’s industrial laundry machines bring quality, efficiency and affordability to the commercial cleaning market. And with the Harmony Cleaning System, our machines take advantage of the latest technology and programming.

Benefits of Our Machines

Are you looking for a reason to invest in industrial washers and dryers for Bloomington IL? Allow Yamamoto to show you what our equipment is all about.

  • Save on Utilities : If you’re continually running your washers and dryers, it can add up on your monthly utility bills. Thus, Yamamoto works to provide machinery that does more with less. Our equipment is precise, using as little water, gas and electricity as possible and helping you save more on your monthly bills.
  • Protect the Environment : The efficiency of our machines also means it works towards protecting our environment. Moreover, our laundry equipment produces no waste and uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions. These features together, with minimal resource consumption, our washers and dryers are some of the “greenest” on the market.
Industrial Washers and Dryers Bloomington IL

The Best Machines for Your Industry

Our industrial washers and dryers for Bloomington IL can support numerous industries needing laundry service. For example, you can find Yamamoto machines in:

  • Healthcare – Hospitals, urgent care facilities require the best machinery for the highest-quality clean.
  • Hospitality – Hotels, motels, and resorts look to serve guests with clean sheets, towels, and linens quickly and efficiently.
  • Education – Whether for the janitorial staff or students on campus, commercial washing machines increase productivity and hygiene levels in an educational setting.
  • Laundromats – Give your customers access to the fastest and most efficient machinery, allowing your laundromat business to grow and profit further.

Contact Us Today

No matter your business’s cleaning needs, you can meet and exceed them with industrial washers and dryers from Yamamoto North America. To learn more, call us today at 866-204-0519. Also, we are located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.