How To Improve Efficiency in an Industrial Laundry Facility


How To Improve Efficiency in an Industrial Laundry Facility

How To Improve Efficiency in an Industrial Laundry Facility

Every business strives for better efficiency because of how big of a positive impact it can have on operations, and laundry facilities are no different. Laundry facilities at hotels, hospitals, athletic facilities, or as part of dry cleaning are only as good as their effectiveness. Lots of activity also takes place in laundry rooms, and that can easily stir some chaos. Luckily, there are more than a few ways an industrial laundry facility can avoid common issues such as downtime, overcrowding, and more that typically hinder efficiency. Continue reading and discover several ways to improve efficiency in your industrial laundry facility ahead.

Get New Laundry Equipment

Our first point is one you might be avoiding, but sometimes it’s just necessary. Old laundry equipment could be holding back your facility in a few different ways. With new laundry equipment comes new technology, and that instantly improves efficiency thanks to state-of-the-art features it processes. A lot of reliance is put on the laundry equipment a facility uses, which is why it’s one area you should not hesitate to invest in. Updating to a new laundry machine means less maintenance, reduced downtime, lower utility bills, easier use, and so much more, which will all allow employees to do their job effectively in a timely manner no matter the working environment.

Have Enough Staff Members

Another key to improving laundry facility efficiency is having enough employees to do the job in the first place. A facility will want to strike a balance so there aren’t too many staff members in one area, but having enough staff around in a strategic manner will allow for nothing to slip through the cracks on a day-to-day basis.

Enough staff members at your laundry facility will also keep the working environment as stress-free as possible, with fewer people overwhelmed for overextending themselves on a daily basis and feeling taken advantage of. Always keeping your employees in mind is a major part of any working environment, and having efficiency in mind often leads to better results.

Train Employees

Having the employees and the equipment is just one part of the equation, because the other part is making sure proper training is put into place. Standards in place can not only reduce error, but also keep everyone on the same page and keep the work flowing in a consistent manner. Guidelines in your laundry facility also keep employees aware of how to use equipment properly and minimize any complications with the laundry machines. The equipment in a facility can only go so far because it can be easily destroyed if those who are using it don’t have the necessary knowledge to use it correctly.

Watch Soap Usage

One area where standards can make a difference comes with the amount of soap used by employees in the machines. Laundry machines encompass various elements from soaps, detergents, and more. Maintaining proper calibration and dosing prevents product waste. Even small amounts of overdosing can be extremely expensive over time. Sticking with the proper chemistry mix can also eliminate pre-mature ware on linens and save money on replacement costs.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Like any piece of machinery, you should also keep up with maintenance to ensure the laundry equipment is running at a high level. Some important pieces of maintenance to keep up with largely include cleaning. By keeping your facility’s laundry machines and areas clean, you can reduce any damage and debris that may cause issues in the future. Cleaning is a small thing you can do often that can have a large impact on the machine’s service life.

Use a 300G Extract Option

This next trick might seem like a no-brainer, and that’s going with a machine capable of at least 300G extract. Laundry can take time, but thankfully, new technology in machines can help you get through a load in less time. Taking advantage of the features available in your laundry machine can do wonders for your facility, so make sure you are aware of what they’re capable of. Extracting at such speeds cuts dry time significantly which saves on labor and energy usage.

Load Properly

As mentioned previously, doing laundry can take time, which is why you will want to be doing full loads as often as possible. Doing full loads of laundry will also reduce bills, but more importantly, it will be easier on your machine. However, you want to be careful you aren’t putting too much in your laundry machine because overloading can cause abnormal equipment wear and uneven cleaning. Again, referencing manufacturer recommendations can keep your machines in good condition. Machines also have laundry scales that can give you an idea of how much capacity they can handle.

Establish Workflow

In the laundry space itself, you will also want to make working conditions as good as possible based on its layout. Laundry machines can take up a lot of space in a room, which is why you want to make sure the space can not only handle the machines and miscellaneous equipment, but your employees as well. Good workflow can play a major factor in efficiency. Make sure laundry facility employees have enough space to work, because not having an adequate workspace can lead to problems.

Some ways your facility can establish good workflow is by having dirty laundry enter one entrance and strategically placing washers there for easy access. Dryers and ironing stations should then be where the clean laundry goes. Keeping things simple in an assembly line fashion can do a lot for a facility’s work efficiency.

Efficiency is something every business is looking to improve upon because the benefits trickle down to everyone at the workplace. So, take note of these different strategies of how to improve efficiency in your industrial laundry efficiency that can help and try to implement them into your space. You might also want to consider upgrading that laundry equipment that is holding you back—and Yamamoto has you covered. At Yamamoto, we offer soft mount commercial washers, extractors, combo units, dryers, and other laundry equipment that can instantly take efficiency to the next level at your facility.

How To Improve Efficiency in an Industrial Laundry Facility