Heavy Duty Washing Machine

Heavy Duty Washing Machine

Heavy Duty Washing Machine

Heavy Duty Washing Machine

We Have the Heavy Duty Washing Machine You Want

A standard washing machine just doesn’t cut it when you are trying to run a business like a laundromat, hotel or other on-premise laundry. When you’re washing large loads of clothing, bedding, towels or sheets regularly, you need something stronger. We have the solution. Yamamoto laundry equipment will improve your operation’s efficiency and speed. Our revolutionary suite of comprehensive laundry products includes the heavy-duty washing machine you have been looking for. In your line of work, you don’t have time to waste on slow machines and cumbersome operations. You need something much more streamlined and efficient, something that will boost your bottom line, not detract from it. You need a heavy-duty washing machine from Yamamoto. Rest assured, we cater to a wide variety of business types, such as laundromats, hospitals, salons, correctional facilities, gyms, colleges, and hotels. Our team holds itself to a higher standard, backed by strong attention to detail and the most comprehensive, automated cleaning system available.

Why Choose the Harmony Cleaning System?

There are many reasons. We aim to meet and exceed your every expectation with products designed for rigorous, intensive, daily use. Because our heavy-duty washing machines are designed for heavy use and constructed with the highest quality parts, little maintenance is required. As a result, you get better business efficiency, speed, productivity and profitability.

The Yamamoto WUN & WUD lines pose these advantages:

  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Global Settings
  • Multi Weight Loading
  • Superior Cleaning Quality
  • Automated Cleaning Programs
  • Dry-to-Dry Cycle Options
  • Come Standard With Steam Injection
  • 8 Chemical Ports
  • Easy-to-Clean Drain Filter
  • Dual Soft-mount Suspension
  • 100 – Formula Capacity
  • 10 Water Level Options

What you can assume…

Yamamoto, helping businesses like yours for nearly a decade, offers a seamless solution from beginning to end. Why not take advantage of our innovative computer-controlled heavy duty washing machines, dryers and more? This unique alternative creates a cleaning process that is easy to implement and use every single day, with an emphasis on optimizing efficiency that saves you times, labor and space.

Contact Yamamoto

If you require a heavy-duty washing machine for your laundromat or other business, contact us at (866) 204-0519 to learn more.