Fighting Rising Costs in the Laundry Industry


Fighting Rising Costs in the Laundry Industry

Fighting Rising Costs in the Laundry Industry

No industry is safe from rising costs and inflation, and the laundry and linen industries are no exception. As laundry operators are brainstorming new ways to cut costs and keep commercial laundry cleaning affordable, Yamamoto is also coming up with cost-saving ideas for our equipment! If addressing some of the main points of contention for laundry facilities, such as labor, utilities and textile costs, you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure your laundry operations stay cost-effective. Allow Yamamoto North America to discuss why laundry operators continue to fight rising costs and what can be done about it.

Problem 1: Labor

Commercial laundry facilities, hospitals, hotels, and other businesses need the labor necessary for quick and easy linen cleaning. However, as the cost of living continues to rise, so too do the compensation needs of your employees. And as a business owner or facility manager, you want to do right by your staff and ensure operating costs are manageable. Unfortunately, the solution for many companies to save on labor costs is to reduce hiring or let go of employees. While this can provide temporary relief, employee retention can become an issue if you’re not careful.

Problem 2: Utilities

Running commercial washers and dryers consistently every day can add up over time. Utility costs for water, gas and electricity can be challenging to cut when you require your machines to run! Moreover, depending on your location, gas and electric costs are rising at alarming rates. In the residential space alone, some households’ electricity bills have doubled or tripled! Now, imagine how an already expensive energy bill for a commercial facility might be affected. The bottom line: utility costs continue to confound laundry operators.

Problem 3: Textiles

With shipping delays still a consequence of the global pandemic, the cost of goods and materials is in constant flux. The West’s reliance on production and supplies from Asia is no longer guaranteed, and there has yet to be a replacement for consistent textile products. This disruption in the textile industry has caused cotton prices to double, polyester fiber prices to rise, and negatively impacted supply chains across the globe.

What Can Be Done?

To ensure your laundry business can sustain itself with rising costs and a potential recession on the horizon, there are steps you can take that improve costs related to textile, labor and utilities. If you manage these three areas, you can overcome the worst of inflation. Here are some helpful tips for fighting increased expenses and creating a cost-efficient laundry program:

  • Consider Automation – Automation for your business is easier to reduce labor without placing extra responsibilities on your employees. Luckily, much of laundry cleaning already relies on automation. As long as laundry operators can load and unload machines, industrial washers and dryers take care of the rest. And with additional equipment, such as Towel Folders, you can also automate the post-cleaning process. Thankfully, Yamamoto has the equipment you need to further your facility’s automation.
  • Invest in Greener Solutions – As utility costs won’t decrease anytime soon, the only way to reduce your bill is to use less. Older laundry equipment is the biggest offender in extraneous gas, water and electricity usage. While newer equipment requires an upfront investment, the utility cost savings will make up for the difference in no time.
  • Bring Laundry Operations In-House – Most of these points to reduce laundry operation costs assume, as a laundry operator, you already utilize industrial cleaning equipment on-site. However, some industries (such as healthcare or hospitality) choose to outsource their laundry operations. While outsourcing laundry cleaning might allow you to forgo equipment costs, third-party cleaner costs can be worse!

How Yamamoto Can Help

While Yamamoto NA can recommend increased automation and investment in new laundry equipment, what good does it do if said laundry equipment cannot accommodate your laundry operations? Thus, Yamamoto continues to develop new and innovative laundry cleaning solutions that perfect automation and greener cleaning methods.

Fighting Rising Costs in the Laundry Industry

Our latest washer and dryer tech utilizes advancements in “re-use” technology. For example, water re-claim, heat exchangers, and multi-pass dryers are becoming the standard for Yamamoto equipment. Yamamoto’s industrial washing machine designs help reduce labor and utility usage to help laundry operators’ bottom line and, more importantly, reduce the carbon footprint of laundry facilities. Our ultimate goal is to change the culture of laundry by making significant improvements to our “green thumb” as an industry.

Learn More About Yamamoto Equipment

Investing in the right laundry equipment is the best step to fighting rising costs in the laundry and linen industries. As such, Yamamoto continually strives to supply the most affordable, durable and cost-effective machines available. If you wish to learn more about our industrial laundry equipment and how it can help your linen cleaning operations, call today at 866-204-0519. We are located at 205 S. Lee St. Bloomington, IL 61701.