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Commercial Dryer

Commercial Dryer

Commercial Dryer

Get a Commercial Dryer From Yamamoto

If you need a commercial dryer for your business, rely on the superior products manufactured by Yamamoto North America. We sell an extensive line of commercial dryers for use by central laundries and on-premise laundries like those that are located in hotels, hospitals, athletic facilities and more. Our commercial dryers are energy-efficient, simple to use, and built with industry leading durability to out last anything else on the market.

Over the last decade it seems many other brands have focused on reducing manufacturing costs to lower the price of their machines. Unfortunately, for operators that means cheaper materials and a lesser quality machine. Yamamoto North America understands that you’re making an investment in your laundry equipment, and it should last long enough to justify the price.

With our dryer’s 10 year bearing warranty we hope to show that you can trust that there is nothing like a Yamamoto. Most brands expect a bearing replacement within the first 10 years. We practically guarantee you won’t!

Benefits of Upgrading Your Commercial Dryer

Wondering why you should invest in a new commercial dryer like ours? Here are some of the top benefits of investing in a new industrial dryer or upgrading your old one.

  • Higher Quality: Better quality machines can improve your bottom line and service offerings, as commercial laundry equipment technology is continually evolving. Having the latest model in your business can significantly improve the quality of your laundering process.
  • Better Efficiency: You can enjoy enhanced efficiency with faster cycle times, reduced energy usage and better load flow patterns. The more efficient your laundromat, laundry complex, or hotel is, the more labor wages saved.
  • Energy Savings: Reduce your environmental footprint while saving money on utility costs. Newer equipment will use less electricity/gas to dry. Even though you may be paying a higher initial price, you will earn that money back over time with significant cost savings.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Particularly if you run a facility where users are difficult to train, the machines themselves are extremely simplistic and with the touch screen control it can be operated by anyone.

For over 75 years, we have been striving for perfection in the laundry industry. And are proud to offer the most comprehensive automated cleaning and drying system on the market.

Contact Yamamoto

When you need a commercial dryer for your business, contact us at 866-204-0519 to learn more about what we offer your industry. We are based in Bloomington IL at 205 S. Lee St., serving all of the USA and North America.