5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Hospitality Laundry During a Crisis


5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Hospitality Laundry During a Crisis

5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Hospitality Laundry During a Crisis

In the last year, the hospitality industry has taken a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, things appear to be on the mend, but business isn’t completely back to normal just yet. Here are some reasons to upgrade your hospitality laundry during a crisis like COVID-19.

Improved Cleanliness

With a heightened sense of cleanliness and safety on the mind of many, investing in new laundry equipment can not only put your hotel in a great spot, but also put you ahead. With new equipment comes updated features that can control everything about the wash or dry cycles to very tight tolerances. With some of the newest capabilities you can be assured your linens are the cleanest they have ever been.

Improved Cost Control

As machines continue to develop, most manufacturers have really honed their efforts on ways to save operators money. Some have turned to using less expensive materials which lessens the overall lifespan of the unit. But others have focused on creating efficiencies in utilities, labor, or maintenance. For example, with Yamamoto’s WUD combo units they incorporate the highest quality materials to combat frequent breakdowns associated with other brands. They have also combined both the washer and dryer functions into a comprehensive unit. This helps save labor during a typical transfer step, square footage within the plant, and utilities based of the machine’s efficiencies.

Better Technology

Whether you’re getting laundry equipment for the first time or upgrading it, you’ll still have access to technology that will make your workflow more efficient. For instance, investing in combo units can provide your hotel with the durability it needs to handle heavy loads day after day. Commercial washer and dryer combo units from Yamamoto also come with touch screen displays, automated cleaning programs, dry-to-dry cycle options, and much more.

Hassle-Free Scheduling

As mentioned previously, adding your own laundry equipment to your hotel gives you more control over the situation during a crisis like a pandemic. This can help manage quality, production schedules, and linen lifespan through your on-premises laundry. You also avoid expensive contracts that can ultimately cost significantly more than handling your own laundry.

More Convenience

The final but certainly not least reason to upgrade your hospitality laundry during a crisis is an obvious one, as it instantly increases convenience. Hotels already have plenty to handle. Finding a way to free up labor to handle other tasks because part of your operation is automated though a Commercial washer and dryer combo helps everyone. By alleviating unnecessary stress on staff, you help employee attitude. By saving time between steps, you also save labor hours.